New Netflix Documentary Reveals TikTok Cult

There are numerous social media platforms gaining stardom. TikTok is one such social platform gaining momentum among youngsters. It has been able to gather a humongous number of users in a very short duration of time. However, there are also some negative sides to using such social media platforms. At times, people do make some wrong decisions and end up in some wrong places in a very short time. Now, there is a documentary coming up on Netflix about one such incident.

According to the latest reports, this documentary is based on the life of two sisters. They are trying to become famous through social media. The documentary is being helmed by Derek Doneen and it is a three-part documentary series.


The story goes in this manner. There were two sisters named Melanie and Miranda. The two sisters, also known as the WillKing sisters, started their account on TikTok. They used to post short dance videos on it. By the year 2020, they had more than three lakh followers on the platform. Then, they were introduced to Robert Shinn by Miranda’s boyfriend. The two sisters’ later decided to join the company of Shinn.

Later on, he started to take some money from them for Church purposes. He used to do the same thing with several other people. He even tried to grab their attention by promising them fame and popularity. He even claimed to be the man of God. He depicted himself as someone who would help artists in getting to the heights of success. What happens next makes up the rest of the documentary.

According to an interaction with The Guardian, Derek tries to explain his motive behind such a documentary. In this documentary, the director is trying to show the mistakes that influencers commit for popularity. He tries to show the dangers of getting trapped by some proclaimed individuals. 

Derek also claims that there are several other cult documentaries available. However, he is trying to show the reality from a family perspective. He is trying to keep the victims and their families at the center of the story. The series goes by the name of Dance with the Devil.

Now, it will be interesting to see how the audience will react to such a documentary. It will also reveal to the youngsters that what are the harmful effects of getting influenced easily.

Along with these, there will also be releases like Kardashians Season 5 on Netflix. For the Indian audience, Bebo’s Crew is already on the famous OTT platform for the viewers.