Money Heist Season 5 is to launch soon following a promising trailer

Season 5 of the much-anticipated Money Heist will arrive on Netflix anytime soon. This series currently holds the record of the most-watched non-English series on Netflix. The fourth part garnered over 65 million global views showing its clear dominance over the world. Part one of the finale season is set to be on air on the 3rd of September on the Netflix streaming platform. 

Alex Pina’s Spanish series recently unveiled a 90-second glimpse of the upcoming season on Netflix. This happens to be the last season of the series. Known as La Casa de Papel in Spanish, this season revolves around the Spanish authorities sending in the military after a cop Alicia Sierra arrests The Professor. 

Season 5 happens to the finale of this series. The makers have decided to release it in two parts of 5 episodes each, releasing them three months apart. Morte plays the Professor in Season 5 as well, accompanied by Itziar as Lisbon, Ursula as Tokyo, and Lorente as Denver, amongst others. 

Money Heist Season 5 launch

Netflix recently teased loyal fans with the BTS footage of the season 5’s shoot. This footage revealed several dots related to the finale. The famous and fans’ favorite character Nairobi’s demise due to the trap set by Alicia didn’t go well with the loyal viewers of the series. They now hope for the character to make a surprise appearance in Season 5. 

Season 4 ended with the gang dispersed after Nairobi’s death before everyone. Meanwhile, The Professor managed to save Lisbon from custody making sure that Marseille dropped her on the Bank of Spain’s terrace. However, Alicia still managed to track him down and checkmate him. 

Now, season 5 will take the plot forward with Lisbon taking charge in the bank as Colonel Tamayo starts to attack them with the army. All the teasers, trailer, BTS footage, and everything related to this season suggests a rollercoaster and jaw-dropping season with a lot of things at stake, and a deeper look into the undisclosed stories. 

The trailer looked promising and had several adrenaline-pumping moments that left the fans intrigued about the finale. It showed The Professor being tortured by Alicia Sierra, while Denver, Palermo, and Rio were seen involved in a gun battle. 

“Locked up for a hundred hours, trapped, about to be killed, and having lost a best friend, it feels like a hundred years have gone by,” says a voice in the season’s trailer, before Alicia says “Checkmate” to The Professor. “What began as a robbery is now a war,” read the official Instagram handle of Netflix India, while announcing the release date of Season 5’s Volume 1. “Surrendering is not an option,” was the YouTube description of the season’s intriguing trailer.

All the four seasons of Money Heist launched till now were enthralling, and the makers expressed their belief that the fifth season would be a bang. Volume 2 of the series finale is expected to release on the 3rd of December, 2021.