‘Modi’s Visit To Morbi Costs More Than Compensation’

A total of five-point four crore rupees has been spent to compensate those who died in the Macchu river bridge accident in Morbi, Gujarat. And the cost of welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the accident site, photographing his visit, and event management was only Rs 5.5 crore. According to the Right to Information Act, the Gujarat government has spent around Rs 30 crore on Modi’s visit to Morbi, which the opposition claims. On the other hand, BJP claims that no one wanted to know any such information under the Right to Information Act. It’s all fake.

On October 30, 135 people died when a suspension bridge collapsed over the Macchu river in Gujarat’s Morbi district. Allegations that the bridge was opened before the repairs were completed drew the fingers of the local BJP administration. As a result, Modi became uncomfortable before the Gujarat polls. It also raised questions as to why the Prime Minister visited the site two days after the accident even though he was present in Gujarat at the time of the incident.

Morbi Costs
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Claim of Gujarat

The opposition claims that the exact amount of money spent by the administration on the Prime Minister’s visit to Morbi at that time was sought under the Right to Information Act. The answers found have been published in several local newspapers. Based on that, Trinamool Congress spokesperson Saket Gokhale’s tweet yesterday said that the administration spent Rs 5 crore to compensate the families of the 135 deceased with Rs 4 lakh. 11 crores have been spent on repairing the road overnight for the Prime Minister’s visit there.

8 Crores are spent on changing the appearance of Morbi’s Hospital (painting, cleaning, new beds and bed sheets for the injured, installation of water coolers) when Modi arrives. In addition, the tweet claimed that Rs 3 crorewas spent on the arrangements for welcoming the Prime Minister, Rs 2.5 crore for the Prime Minister’s security, Rs 2 crore for the event management sector and Rs 50 lakhs spent by the Gujarat administration for taking pictures of the visit.

Yesterday was the first phase of voting in Gujarat. Voting was also held in Morbi. Naturally, the BJP leadership felt uneasy when such a demand was made before him. BJP’s Gujarat wing later attacked Saket, writing on Twitter, “No one wanted to know such information under the RTI Act. It’s all rigged and lies. From Mamata Banerjee to spokespersons like you – Trinamool is a bunch of liars.”

Morbi Costs
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Unemployment rose again in the country

As the unemployment rate in the rural areas of the country was rising, there was growing concern in all quarters. Although it has eased slightly recently, concerns have grown over the city. And because of him, unemployment is the highest in the country for three months. The question is raised, why is the job market not strengthening despite the increase in financial activities?According to the report of the consulting firm CMIE, the unemployment rate in the country was again 8% in November.