Modi Wants War-Preparedness In The Fight Against Corona

Keeping in mind the situation in China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised the states to make all preparations to deal with Covid.

The new Covid has started spreading in several countries including China. Although the Center claims, the situation in India is still normal. Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia said in the Parliament yesterday, “The average daily number of corona patients in India is 153. There is a daily average of 5.87 lakhs in the world.” However, health experts have different interpretations. Rahul Bhargava, a doctor at a private hospital in Delhi, said, “One of the reasons for the low number of patients in India is the lack of testing. 

As the number of patients has decreased, so have the number of tests. If there were a large number of tests in countries like America and Japan, then the number of infected people would have increased here as well. Many people are now not getting tested for fever like before. But the positive side is that the people of this country have developed a mixed immunity against corona as a result of getting vaccinated and being infected with Covid. As a result, deaths are also decreasing.”

Measures taken by the Centre 

Fight Against Corona
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However, the Center is not willing to take any risk after seeing the situation in China. So yesterday, Modi sat in a meeting to review the country’s Covid situation. According to the Ministry of Health, in the meeting, the Prime Minister advised all the states to complete the survey of the necessary health infrastructure to deal with Covid as soon as possible, so that if necessary, wartime operations can be launched. To prepare special wards or hospitals for the treatment of Covid patients, to keep adequate stock of Covid medicines, oxygen cylinders and ventilators. The Prime Minister stressed on keeping oxygen plants active and pre-identifying teams of skilled medical personnel to treat only Covid patients.

He also directed the officials of the Ministry of Health to prevent shortage of essential life-threatening drugs and black market. The mask is also back in the parliament. Most of the members of the ruling party came to the parliament wearing masks yesterday. However, many opponents did not wear masks.

According to experts, the corona virus entered India through travellers from abroad. Therefore, the Prime Minister advised to pay special attention to the proper screening of passengers coming from abroad at international airports and sea ports. The health minister told the parliament that the number of corona tests for passengers arriving at every international airport has been increased since yesterday. In fact, the Ministry of Health is implementing some rules for passengers coming to India through seaports, airports and land borders from the 24th.

Wrapping up 

In a directive yesterday, the ministry said, it is recommended that all passengers arriving in India are fully vaccinated. Covid-19 rules should be announced on the flight and passengers with symptoms should be isolated from others and quarantined. Even so, the passengers must get off the plane keeping a distance from each other. Everyone’s body temperature will be measured before entering India.