Microsoft Teams App For Windows Undergoes An Overhaul

Earlier this month, to support the users to run the meetings more effectively, Microsoft brought the Copilot for Teams which is powered by AI. To enhance the experience of the user further while he is using the app, the company announced a new Teams app for Windows.

In a blog post, the company mentioned that Microsoft Teams is much simpler, faster, smarter, and more flexible this time. It has been further stated that the foundation of this new app is capable of delivering two times greater performance along with consuming fifty percent less memory. This will help you to collaborate more efficiently and save time. It even said that it will be much simpler to use this streamlined app and with these enhancements, you will get the base for experiences that are powered by AI.

Availability Of Microsoft Teams

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The company has also said that later this year it would target the general availability of the new Teams. They have plans on extending the preview release across a broader customer segment which includes those who use the Mac. Users under the Pubic preview program will directly get access to new Teams and a large section of the commercial customers will require an admin to first opt-in.

The New Microsoft Teams Is 2X Quicker

In a video shared by Microsoft, they demonstrated how the new app opens much quicker than the classic app. While the older app took twenty-three seconds to load, the new app opens up within nine seconds. 

Microsoft has further stated that there has been a ground-up investment made by the company in order to overhaul the platform. It shall help in optimizing the data, chat, network, and also video architecture for performance and speed. The company shall even optimize the performance of the new Teams so that the launch of the app and the features for joining the meetings are two times faster. They even want to ensure that the consumption of memory is cut down to half during the testing of the new Teams preview in comparison to the classic Teams.

The New Customer-Driven Design Of Microsoft Teams

From Microsoft, it has been told that this new Teams app is more design-driven and customer-focused releases till now. It has been designed from the base to simplify chats and enhance personalized options. The company has said that it is flexible. The authentication model is more synchronized having notification systems. Using one Widow, the users can now get access to multiple accounts very easily.  Now, no longer do the users need to log in and out of the accounts rather, remained signed in and receive notifications from all the accounts. There is a drop-down panel in the Microsoft Teams app from where the users can access these profiles.

Built-In AI In Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft has confirmed that this new Team is the future of next-generation AI experiences. The company is going to use AI to extract the work while working together at a much higher speed. Currently, there are about two hundred and eighty million people who are using the Teams each month.