Meet Mr. Subhash Ramdin Prajapati, Who Refines and Redefines the Online Fashion Industry Via His Navyara Fashion

The global fashion industry amounts to a whopping 1.53 Trillion US dollars in business. The competition rises daily, and new fashion brands and platforms are mushrooming every hour. Despite the many new players, the fashion industry still lacks quality creators who abide by international quality standards and keep up with global trends. It is in this niche that Mr. Subhash Ramdin Prajapati’s Navyara Fashion is growing. He has garnered an extensive experience by working for some of the biggest companies in the past and has over 20 years of great experience in field of marketing. He has worked for giant companies like Reliance, Dabur and other MNCs at a responsible position. Now Subhash is collectively using his entire experience of marketing and customer service at Navyara and is ready to serve our esteemed customers.

Navyara Fashion

Navyara Fashion is an online fashion store of Indian origin that offers a wide variety of apparel, accessories, and jewelry to women worldwide. Despite its operation base being in New Delhi, the official online portal of the brand extends its service across the length and breadth of India.

The brand already exists as a one-stop fashion solution for the masses with an impressive collection of festive wear, casual wear, wedding wear, wedding jewelry, casual jewelry, mangal sutra, handbags, branded wear, and many more.

Any discussion on Navyara Fashion is incomplete without mentioning its founder, director, and CEO, Mr. Subhash Ramdin Prajapati. Along with being in the marketing industry for a solid 20+ years, Mr. Prajapati is one of the reputed entrepreneurs and successful corporate marketing personnel. He is the proud owner of a successful travel company, which has roots all across the globe with a vast clientele and active presence in over 27 countries.

He maintains great expertise in B2C, B2B, D2D, etc., and also has ample knowledge of various levels of marketing, especially corporate marketing. His exponential skills, like data analysis, business analysis, financial accounting, auditing, etc., enabled him to taste success in all of his ventures, and he is expecting to do the same for Navyara Fashions too.

Being well-traveled and having abundant business knowledge, Mr. Prajapati understands that e-commerce is the future of any business, especially for the fashion industry. His attempts to merge the goodness of online commerce with premium quality materials and products resulted in the creation of Navyara Fashion. He envisions Navyara as not any other e-commerce fashion brand. But he intends to flourish it into a comprehensive fashion platform where customers can choose from in-house designers or established brands.

Mr. Prajapati’s excellent networking skills and prior exposure and experiences with successful entrepreneurs from various parts of the world& have enabled him to realize the vitality of consistently providing quality products to customers. This is why the customers can identify conscious efforts to maintain the quality of the products from the brand. All the jewelry is made of high-quality materials that are proven skin-friendly. The apparels from Navyara Fashion are also allergy-free and ideal for sensitive skin.

Despite providing the best-in-class products in a timely and responsible manner, Navyara Fashion is particular about keeping the price ranges in an affordable spectrum. The brand follows the path and vision put forth by its founder Mr. Subhash Ramdin Prajapati, who believes that a business that goes hand-in-hand with the needs and concerns of the clientele along with the global trends gets to have a long run essentially and gets to shine bright like a diamond. For more information please contact