Martina Navratilova’s Battle With Cancer

According to a report published in NDTV Sports, the legendary tennis star Martina Navratilova is not allowing cancer to grip her completely. Despite having breast and throat cancer, this sixty-six-year-old legendary sportsperson has told a news channel named that she is hopeful of being cured. Navratilova who was born in Czechoslovakia, while narrating about her cancer journey told the media that her condition is treatable. 

It is not the first time that this eighteen times singles winner of the Grand Slam title has got cancer. In 2010, she had been detected with breast cancer. Six months after that she was declared clear. In a reply to floods of good wishes and love on Twitter from her fans all across the world, Navratilova has made a morally uplifting Tweet. She wrote that she is not done yet and is hopeful about winning this battle too. 

Battle With Cancer
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She said that she is overwhelmed by the number of good wishes that were poured for her on her phone as well as on Twitter. It has filled her heart with gratitude and she knows that she will win this match too. Speaking further about it she has told that although this second-time cancer is a little serious but, it can be fixed. She is hoping that luck would favor her this time too. She is aware that it is going to stay with her for a while but she is ready too to give it a strong fight with her everything. 

Her agent while talking on her behalf to AFP told that, in November, it was during the finals of WTA in Fort Worth, she discovered that she has an enlarged lymph node around her neck. After a few days when she found that the situation was still the same, she got a biopsy done. The reports declared that the throat cancer was at stage one. 

While the tests were on another lump was discovered on her chest and the reports later confirmed that it was cancer too. The agent further said that the prognosis had gone well and her treatment is about to begin. She has HPV type of cancer which responds very well to medication. Both her cancer are at their early stages and it is expected that she would respond well to the treatment. 

Although her treatment of cancer in New York has forced her to remain away from the Australian Open but, she is expected to participate in a few games later, remotely. As a player, she is greatly revered all around the world for bringing a great change in the game. Her biggest rival on the court, and also her friend Chris Evert said that when she started her diagnosis with ovarian cancer in January 2022, Navratilova had supported her. By the month of May, she was declared for remission. 

Navratilova has brought a new dimension to the game and has maintained an unparallel record. She had also been a big supporter of the LGBT community. In 2014, Navratilova married Julia Lemigova and now they have settled in Miami along with their two daughters.