Mahima Chaudhry on her battle with cancer

Two days back a video shared by the actor Anupam Kher, on Instagram shook the hearts of many Bollywood film lovers. It was quite a long video where he was seen having a conversation with the Pardes famed actor Mahima Chaudhry, who was seen having a shaved head, speaking about her journey with breast cancer. This emotional video had indeed left many fans and Bollywood cinema lovers heartbroken.

Now today, Mahima had decided to speak about it by herself. Stating about her journey with breast cancer and the fight with it she has said that, she wanted to keep silent about the issue from the public as she did not want to rattle the people with this news. To the relief of the fans, she has said that for the past three to four months she has been cancer-free.  More to that, she has also shared that she is back on the floors now, shooting a film with Anupam Kher. 

While speaking about her battle with cancer Mahima had told that more than the physical suffering it is about the fight with the mind against it terming it as the “psychological battle.” Mahima also went on to share about how she at first came to know about it and also her diagnosis with cancer as well. in an interview with The Times Of India, she had shared that she had first got to know about the diagnosis of her cancer last year when she had gone for her annual check-up.  At first, the doctors had told her to undergo a few more tests. Then later on they had informed her about the cancer and began her treatment for that.

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Adding more to this conversation, Mahima went on to share that the journey of her treatment carried on for four months in Mumbai. It was very difficult for her to come to terms with that. She had also said that the emotions that has got attached to it is surely going to stay with her for some time. She said that she cannot even describe how difficult that phase was for her and how difficult has that journey with treatment been for her as well. She turned emotional while saying this. She said that she did not want to talk much about it and leave the people disturbed by such a piece of news.  Mahima had also stressed on the fact that cancer is a very much curable disease and she does not want the people to be afraid of undergoing the treatment. This strong message from her indeed keeps her fans very moved. 

Mahima had also updated the media that she was back on the floor shooting with Anupam Kher. She says that she feels fine now and is working well too. Mahima was last seen in a Bollywood film way back in 2006 working alongside the veteran actor Rekha in the film called Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana and after that had also acted in a bengali  film in the year 2016 named Dark Chocolate.