London Organisation of Skills Development (LOSD) Empowers Change Globally: Honouring ’23 Positive Change Makers’ & Recognising Excellence at LORD’S Cricket Ground, England

London Organisation of Skills Development (LOSD) Empowers Change Globally

On the momentous day, 3rd December, 2023, the iconic LORDS Cricket Ground bore witness to an extraordinary celebration hosted by the London Organisation of Skills Development (LOSD). This event marked the remarkable inauguration of the ’23 Positive Change Makers in the World 2023,’ a book chapter within the Guinness World Record-Breaking ‘The Thickest Book in the World,’ alongside the esteemed LOSD Excellence Awards 2023. Notable awardees journeyed from various corners of the globe to partake in this prestigious affair, hailing from the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Africa, Mauritius, India, Australia, Germany, Dubai, and India. The event was graced by distinguished dignitaries, including the Worship Mayor of Harrow, Councillor Ramji Chauhan, Mr. CB Patel, Publisher, and Editor of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar, as well as Dr. Lance Haggith OBE, founder of Sport Traider and Director of LOSD Prof. Dr. Parin Somani.

Amidst the grandeur of this inauguration, LOSD extended an exclusive invitation for the launch of a forthcoming prestigious coffee table book: ’24 Prominent Personalities in the World 2024.’ This gesture underscored LOSD’s commitment to spotlighting exceptional individuals and their influential journeys. The event stood as a testament to the unwavering dedication and indomitable spirit of global change agents whose narratives transcend borders, igniting a collective pursuit of positive change. Visionaries from diverse backgrounds, including environmental champions, social reformers, technological pioneers, and resilient entrepreneurs, took centre stage to share their transformative journeys.

Expressing profound enthusiasm, Prof. Dr. Parin Somani, the Lead Editor for the ‘Thickest Book in the World’ part of the Guinness World Records and editor for book chapter ‘23 Positive Change Makers in the World 2023’ remarked, “The grand unveiling of ’23 Positive Change Makers in the World 2023′ was a celebration of resilience and determination”.

The ’23 Positive Change Makers in the World 2023′ is a book chapter within the Guinness World Record-breaking ‘The Thickest Book in the World.’ A colossal volume spanning 100,100 pages with an impressive height of 5.80 meters (19ft 0.34in.). These remarkable individuals embody unwavering dedication, inspiring a world brimming with hope and potential.

The distinguished awardees received honours from Worship Mayor of Harrow, Councillor Ramji Chauhan, and Director of LOSD, Prof. Dr. Parin Somani. Among these celebrated change-makers were luminaries whose impactful journeys continue to serve as beacons of inspiration.

Maharaja Jaypratapsingh V Chauhan, Dr. Kate Anolue, Prof. Dr. Parin Somani, Capt. Tasbirul Ahmed Choudhury, Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar, Dr. Monica Sharma, Dr. Chidatmika Khatua, Prof. Hui Fang Huang Su, Nkechi Okorocha, Padma Shri awardee, Prof. Bhupendra Kumar Singh Sanjay, Michelle Nemec, Keyur Sheth, Yanick Séïde, Dr. Angelica Wagner, Kumkum Sheth, Dr. Ajai Kumar Agarwal, Alamara Alise Naini Kazmi, Martha T. Davidson, Dr. Ravi Kumar, Dr. Nausheen Noormamode, Shweta Mahendra, Waseeya Naz, B.K. Geeta Didi

The LOSD Excellence Awards 2023, occurring concurrently, hailed remarkable accomplishments across diverse domains, celebrating innovation and excellence. This dual celebration vividly highlighted LOSD’s commitment to recognizing and fostering talent across multifaceted arenas. Both in-person and virtual attendees joined to partake in this monumental occasion, witnessing the honouring of outstanding achievers.

Worship Mayor of Harrow, Councillor Ramji Chauhan, Director of LOSD Prof. Dr. Parin Somani, and Lance Haggith OBE were among the esteemed dignitaries honouring all the awardees. The distinguished gathering at the historic inauguration of ’23 Positive Change Makers in the World 2023′ welcomed the illustrious recipients of the LOSD Excellence Awards 2023. Their exceptional achievements and impactful contributions across various spheres infused an extraordinary essence into this prestigious event.

LOSD Excellence Award Winners

Physical Awards

Category: Social        

1.Philanthropist of the YearHH Maharaja Maharaval Jaypratapsingh V Chauhan
2.Leader of the YearMr CB Patel
3. Most Contribution To Your FieldKuldeep Shekhawat
4. International Public FigureDr. Chidatmika Khatua
5. The Most Inspiring PersonBK Dr Monica Sharma
6. Outstanding AchievementCapt. Tasbirul Choudhury
7. Best MentorGrant Murrell
8. Humanitarian of the YearDr. Sunny Ahonsi
9. International AchieverB.K.Geeta Didi
10. Best Entrepreneur of the YearJiaqi (Lucy) Yu

Category: Education

11. Lifetime AchievementProf. Dr. Parin Somani
12. Best MentorMartha Davidson
13. Best AcademicianDr. Angelica Wagner
14. Best EducatorDr. Nausheen Noormamode

Category: Sports

15. Outstanding AchievementLance Haggith
16. Best Sports PersonJoshua Kerr

Online Awards

Category: Social

17. Women EmpowermentMr Venkateswara R Batchu
18. Leader of the YearMahant Shree Dr Nanak Das Mahraj
19. Women EmpowermentKathleen Harris-Leighton
20. Philanthropist of the yearMr Venkateswara R Batchu
21. Motivational speaker of the yearShrenik Shah
22. Best SpeakerMeeta Desai
23. Women IconicMousumi Kalita Sachdeva
24. Best Magazine for the year 2023Insights Success: Founder: Mr. Manish Bansal
25. International Newspaper of the yearAnasudhin Azeez
 26.Best Resort of the YearThe Executive Club Resort in New Delhi, India. Mr. GS Chhabra, Chairman & Mrs. Dolly Chhabra: Managing Directors
 27.Best Crown Designer of the YearAvinash Goyal
 28.Humanitarian of the YearDr. Hari Eppanapally
 29.International AchieverRajesh Vanzara
 30.Humanitarian HeroInderjeet Sharma
 31.Inspirational Personality of the YearPamas Bhatti
 32.Editorial Excellence AwardMr. Prem Chumber. Editor-in-Chief: Ambedkar Times (English) and Desh Doaba (Punjabi)
 33.Entrepreneurial ExcellenceMr. Banuchandar Jegaratchakan
 34.Best TV Reporter of the YearDeven Jha
 35.Editorial VisionarySuvash Chandra Choudhary: Editor-in-Chief in newspaper
 36.Outstanding HumanitarianChandrakant Koticha “project life “
 37.Global HumanitarianDr Mushtaq Ansari
 38.International Public FigureAmb. Dr Seyed Firdawoosbee Hanifdeen
 39.Young DirectorNithya Vijayaraghavan
 40.Social Media ChampionAmit Patidar
 41.Best Ayurveda CentreAbhilash K R :Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort
 42.Best National Daily NewspaperManoj Verma:  Punjab Kesari
 43.⁠Best Media CoverageRanjitbhai Shantibhai Gondliya
 44.Excellence in JournalismDr Keval Kumar

Category: Education

 45.Educational LeadershipProf. Dr. Chetan Trivedi
 46.Excellence in Educational GovernanceProf. Raj Singh
 47.Directorial ExcellenceProf. Dr Jagdishkumar Joshi
 48.Innovative Director of the YearProf Kaldhar Arya
 49.Innovative Excellence of the YearDr Sant Kumar Chaudhary
 50.Global Academician of the YearDr. Hari Krishna Maram
 51.Entrepreneur of the YearAdv Peeyush Pandit
 52.Excellence in NeedonomicsProf. Madan Mohan Goel
 53.Lifetime AchievementAmb. Dr. Suresh Babu
 54.Leadership in EducationProfessor Urvashi Pandya
 55.Diversity in EducationDr. Manju Gupta
 56.Literary Excellence AwardMr. Bhim Garg
 57.Excellence in EducationProf. Umesh Patil
 58.Best EducatorMahendra Kumar
 59.Outstanding EducatorDr Beema Jainab S.I
 60.Most Inspiring PersonDr. RajaRao Pagidipalli
 61.Best innovator in ITMathew Kodamanchilly
 62.Best Professor of the YearDr Bishwajeet Kumar Pandey
 63.Best Journalist of the yearDinesh Gambhava
 64.Senior Educator ExcellenceProf. Renuga Devi Navaneethan
 65.Best JournalistRam Gopal Saini:  Hamara Watan
 66.Excellence in Youth and Skill DevelopmentLakhmi Chand
 67.Best Managing DirectorAkshay Gupta: Divaks Total IT Solution in Social Category

These outstanding individuals and organisations, acknowledged for their remarkable contributions, embody the pinnacle of dedication and excellence in their specific domains. Regarding the ’23 Positive Change Makers in the World 2023′ and LOSD Excellence Awards 2023: These gatherings serve as tributes to extraordinary individuals whose stories inspire global positive transformation while recognising and honouring excellence across diverse domains.

In addition, guest attendees graced the LOSD Excellence Award ceremony on 3rd December including: Yogesh Mahendra, Dr. Ike Okorocha, Khandoker Taslima Choudhury, Khodabux Nabee, Khodabux Bibi Zyenah and H.E. Ambassador of Happiness: Maxine Kerr and others.

Book Launch

During this distinguished event, a multitude of literary accomplishments took the spotlight as three individuals introduced a range of books, adding a touch of grandeur to the occasion. The book launch featured a diverse collection of literary works, spanning from enlightening narratives to pioneering pieces. Among the unveiled publications, the book ’23 Positive Change Makers in the World 2023′ was launched. This remarkable compilation which is ranked as a best seller is available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback to purchase on Amazon It has emerged in resounding success as a bestseller on its launch day, hence, underlines her ability to drive positive change and bring individuals together.

In addition, Dr. Chidatmika Khatua introduced two books: ‘Adi Naari First Time In Globe Empowering Tribal Women’ and ‘Dibyadrusti’ Child & Women Development Society. Additionally, Dr. B. K. Sanjay launched the book ‘From The Pen of Surgeons,’ jointly authored by Dr. B. K. Sanjay and Dr. Gaurav Sanjay.

Leadership Opportunities: Become a Course Leader at LOSD

At the London Organisation of Skills Development (LOSD), thrilling positions await passionate individuals aspiring to serve as Course Leaders. If you are keen on making a difference in education and skill development, we extend an invitation to explore this rewarding opportunity by contacting us via email at, nominations are now open for 2024.