Light of Hope in Cancer Drug Testing Over 18 People

Is complete cure from cancer possible? The bigger question than this is, can cancer be defeated with the help of medicine alone, in the face of painful medical procedures? The answer has not been easy so far. However, this time around, the success of a new study of 18 people with rectal cancer was sparked by hope.

Those 18 people have completely recovered from cancer by applying only one medicine for 6 months! The name of the drug is ‘Dostarlimab’. Researchers are now calling it a ‘miracle drug’. However, researchers warn that this drug should not be used as a cure for cancer right now. Because, more detailed examination is needed to reach a conclusion in this regard. Cancer doctor Subir Gangopadhyay says that bleeding during defecation and chronic constipation are the symptoms of this type of cancer. But most people mistakenly say that bleeding is a haemorrhoid problem. So the cancer is caught after reaching the final stage. In that case surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the three methods of treatment. But as a result of being caught late, it often spreads to different parts of the body. Therefore, it is not possible to completely cure all those suffering from rectal cancer. 

Indian doctor’s opinion

Cancer Drug Testing
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Mr. Subir said, “There, these monoclonal antibodies will boost the body’s immune system and completely destroy cancer cells by identifying them. It can prevent the spread of cancer not only in the rectum but also in other parts of the body. If the results of this preliminary study are effective, then there is hope. But in a country like ours, it remains to be seen how much the price of the drug will be within the reach of the average person. “Detailed information on this new directional study has been published in ‘The New England Journal of Medicine’. Dostarlimab was reportedly given experimentally to 18 patients with rectal cancer. They were given this medicine every three weeks for six months. According to researchers, this drug acts as an alternative to antibodies in the human body. The 18 patients on whom the drug was administered had previously undergone chemotherapy. Radiation was also given. Some even had surgery. But it did not meet with the expected success. Rather, stomach or urethral problems were seen in many people. Some even lost their sexual ability.

As a result of taking the medicine for six months, MRI, PET scan, biopsy, endoscopy and other emergency tests were done on those 18 people. When the report came to hand, the doctors saw that none of the 18 people had cancer in their body! They were all completely cancer free. “I think this is the first time in the history of cancer,” said Louize Diaz, a senior oncologist at the ‘Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’ in New York City who is the study’s ‘senior study author’. After this great success, experts are full of hope. But they do not want to come to a conclusion about Dostarlimab right now on the basis of this small size test.