Korea’s New Hit Show, Squid Game Explained

The new Korean show named Squid Game is currently breaking the internet. It’s been just a few weeks that the show was released, and it is already one of the most-viewed shows around.

Squid Game is different from the usual K-Dramas that we are used to watching. When the show first came out, no one expected it to become such a hit on Netflix. The show is not only popular in its regional market, but people all across the globe are going crazy over it.

Survival Drama

Squid Game is a survival drama series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The show is about a contest among 456 individuals, with a cash prize of KRW 45.6 billion. People from all walks of life participate in the contest in the hope of winning a huge prize. The competitors participating in the contest have huge debts and are in desperate need of money. They play different children’s games that are popular in South Korea.

All the players are placed in a giant warehouse and are monitored all the time, by the guards wearing pink bodysuits. With each death, the prize money increases by KRW 100 million.

Each player is in desperate need of money that convinced them to be a part of this fatal death game.

Squid Game Explained

Squid Game – Show’s Idea

The show was scripted by Hwang in 2008. But sadly, his idea was rejected multiple times by the production houses he approached.

The show’s name is derived from a popular children’s game named “Squid.” A version of the game is played out in one of the episodes.

Squid Game is a brilliant drama series that gives a physical and psychological twist to children’s games. It gets quite graphic as the show progresses. It gives viewers a thrilling experience. The show is so good that it is going to keep you hooked to the screens till the end.

Unique Drama Series

Squid Game is just the opposite of the usual K-dramas that we stream online. The majority of the K-Dramas are sweet and romantic. But Squid Game is all about thrill and survival.

Instead of having good-looking actors dressed in stylish clothes, the show features ordinary people in green tracksuits. The show doesn’t have any exotic settings or well-dressed people. It is a dystopian thriller that has stirred a wave of excitement among viewers. Ted Sarandos, Co-CEO of Netflix tweeted, that the show has been on Netflix just for nine days, and they have already received a very good response from the audience.

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