Kohli Scores His 45th Century

The former Indian cricket team captain started the new year in royal mood. He scored his 45th century in one day internationals. He touched the legendary Sachin Tendulkar’s feat. But Virat Kohli remains calm in the cheers of the fans from the expert circles. He thinks, there is no interruption in his cricket pursuits. It is the same as before.

Man of the match

“I don’t think there’s anything different about it. The mind-set and preparation about cricket is the same as before. I try to implement that mind-set on the field,” Virat told a broadcaster on Tuesday after receiving the Man of the Match award. He added, “At the mid-innings break, we felt we had reached a place much closer to the kind of cricket we are used to playing.”

After hundred runs against Bangladesh, he made the three-digit runs again against Sri Lanka. Kohli thinks that depression should not consume the mind in any way, he started playing with that mantra. In his words, “You need to have a clear idea of ​​why you are playing and have to think like this is your last match. So you need to enjoy it. Don’t let disappointment overwhelm your mind. The match progressed at its own pace, I am also satisfied with my performance.” Kohli also said, “I got rest before this match. Then I practiced for two days. I have returned to the field refreshed after the Bangladesh tour.”

Kohli Scores

Talking about his fitness mantra, Kohli said, “My aim is to always give 100 percent on the field. That’s why fitness is very important to me.” About his fitness routine, Kohli said, “I keep a close eye on what I eat. Diet is the most important thing at our age.”

Captain Rohit Sharma also returned with a big run on Kohli’s 45th hundred achievement day. After the match, a jubilant Rohit said, “Each batsman contributed a lot to the runs that came up. The stage that was set, it became much easier to bat with an open mind to the rest.”

At the end of the match, he did not want to get Shanaka on Mankad out, said Rohit. The Sri Lankan captain came out of the crease. Mohammed Shami broke the wicket and pleaded for a run out. But Rohit withdrew that request. He said, “Shanaka played a fantastic innings. I did not want him to get  eliminated like that.”

At a glance

• Virat scored his 45th century in ODIs. Only Sachin Tendulkar (49) is ahead of him now.

India will be hosting a virtual summit

This is the first G-20 group of countries to take place in the top program of the opinion and needs of the poor countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. This is what South Block sources are claiming ahead of the India-led two-day ‘Voice of Global South’ conference starting today. The diplomatic camp speculates that the Modi government is also seeking to seal its position in this large part of the world by highlighting the Russia-Ukraine policy.