‘Johar’ Was Draupadi’s greeting message

Johar! That word was in her first sentence as president last Monday. In the very first words of her first speech as President, Draupadi Murmu introduced her Janjati Samaj identity through the traditional Janjati Samaj greeting. Johar and Namaskar welcomed the guests sitting in the central hall of the Parliament. According to many politicians, the aim of the ruling camp is to attract the votes of all the people of the country by highlighting the Janjati identity of Draupadi.

Last Monday, Draupadi was not only stuck in Johar. As the 15th President of the country, she drew her Janjati identity under the umbrella of her first speech. She said, “India’s democratic system allows any representative of the people’s society to become president if she has strong will and perseverance.” Describing her struggle as a struggle for the empowerment of other poor people of the country, the women’s society, Draupadi said, “The poor, Dalits and backward societies, especially women, who have been deprived for ages, far from development, see their reflection in me.”

President’s speech

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Talking about her childhood struggle, Draupadi said, “I was born in a Janjati family in a remote area of ​​Odisha, where primary education was a dream. Later, I overcame many obstacles and got the opportunity to go to college as the first person in my village. Later, I was elected as a town councillor. From there, today’s president. So becoming President is not my personal achievement at all.” According to Draupadi, the path of the first citizen of the country in which she is seated is the success of all the poor people of the country. In her words, “My victory is proof that the dreams of the poor people of the country can be fulfilled.”

Message from PM

Narendra Modi also said the day before yesterday, “Draupadi Murmu’s swearing-in as President is a landmark moment for the poor, marginalized and backward people of the country.”

The saree that Draupadi wore on the day of swearing-in, the day before yesterday is of Odisha style. The tricolour is very similar to the national flag. Seeing that saree, many claimed that that saree is actually the saree of Janjati Samaj. Although nothing clear about this is known from Rashtrapati Bhavan sources. In her speech that day, as Draupadi spoke about Santal, Kol-Vil rebellion, she also mentioned the close relationship between nature and tribal society. In her words, “I was born into a tribe of people who have been living in harmony with nature for thousands of years. I have realized in my life the importance of water and forests.” Although the opposition complains, on the one hand, the Modi government has chosen a person from the Janjati Samaj as the President. On the other hand, the same government is giving right to the industrial groups to directly cut down the forest by undermining the rights of the people. According to many politicians, the long-term planning of the ruling camp is behind the repeated mention of the national identity in Draupadi’s speech.