Jharkhand Woman Killed In Car In Bengal

A woman from Jharkhand was killed in a car on her way to Kolkata with her husband and two-and-a-half-year-old son. It is alleged that the miscreants shot and killed the woman named Riya Kumari (28) in Chandrapur, Bagnan, Howrah, on Wednesday morning for obstructing a robbery. Riya’s husband Prakash Kumar filed a complaint in Rajpur police station.

According to the police, Riya’s house is in Tagore Hill area of ​​Bariatu police station in Jharkhand. Prakash directs plays for YouTube. Riya acts in them. Prakash claims that they left on Tuesday night to buy some things in Kolkata. The car belongs to Prakash. He was the one who was driving. 

Details of the incident 

Jharkhand Woman Killed
image source:https://images.hindustantimes.com/img/2022/12/29/550×309/A-Jharkhand-actress–Isha-Alya–was-shot_dead_1672288795824_1672288796088_1672288796088.jpg

Prakash told the police that around six o’clock in the morning, he stopped the car in Chandrapur as his son had to be fed from a flask. As Riya started feeding the child, Prakash came down on the road from the car. Suddenly, a white car came and stopped next to his car. Three armed miscreants came down and tried snatching money from him. As he tried to obstruct them, they beat him. Seeing this, Riya shouted from the car. The miscreants shot her and left for Kolkata in the car.

According to Prakash, a patrol car came as soon as the miscreants left. He informed the police inside and asked for help. The police advised him  to take Riya to the hospital. Prakash did not know where the hospital was. Going to a big factory about a kilometre away, he first went up to the local people. They suggested about going to Uluberia. About one and a half kilometers away from there, he went to Pirtala of Rajpur police station and asked again.

From there, Prakash called the Rajpur police station with the help of local residents. The police came and rescued the victims. When Riya was taken to Uluberia Saratchandra Medical College Hospital, the doctor said that she had died. The body was sent for post-mortem.

Police took Prakash to Rajpur police station and started interrogation. Howrah Rural District Superintendent of Police Swati Bhangalia and District Police Officers came to the police station. The police went to the spot in Chandrapur along with Prakash. The forensic team came to the police station in the evening. They checked the vehicle and collected some samples. According to the police, a bullet casing was recovered from the vehicle. Rural District Superintendent of Police said, “The statements of the victim’s husband are being verified. Since there is no eyewitness to the incident other than him, so he has been asked to remain in the area for the sake of investigation.”

Prakash said, “Who would have thought that such an incident would happen in an unknown place! It all happened suddenly. The criminals were speaking in a mixture of Bengali and Hindi.”

Wrapping up 

However, investigators claim, there are some inconsistencies in the release statement. Such a big event happened in the morning, but the locals did not know anything. Moreover, it is surprising why Prakash didn’t call out for help. Prakash’s claim about the arrival of the police patrol car is also being verified.