Iron Man Robert Downey Jr unfollows Marvel co-stars:2021

Who doesn’t love the Marvel franchise? I think no one in the cinematic universe is as successful as the Marvel universe. If you are a fan of the Marvel cinematic universe, you will be baffled to know that iron man, aka Robert Downey Jr, has unfollowed his fellow avenger on Instagram. Does that mean that something isn’t right in the Avengers universe? Well, don’t dwell on it a lot. We have gathered some information about the same, and we can assure you that everything is fine when it comes to the Avengers being friends with each other. In this article, we are going to talk about the same and also the reasons behind unfollowing. An Iron Man Robert Downey Jr unfollows Marvel co-stars.

Iron Man Robert Downey Jr

an Iron Man Robert Downey Jr unfollows Marvel co-stars

Robert Downey Jr, as you know, is mainly known as Iron man is one of the most popular characters present in the Marvel cinematic universe. He is diverse, intelligent, and sassy, all of which perfectly fits the bill of Robert Downey Jr. It is no secret that he is not the most social person when it comes to handling social media accounts, as you can see him rarely on Twitter and posting just on the birthdays for his fellow mates. So when it comes to being tech-savvy, he likes to keep it quiet, and he hardly follows anyone on Instagram. So it is a brainer that he did not purposefully unfollow his friends but maintain a quiet and straightforward social media handle. An Iron Man Robert Downey Jr unfollows Marvel co-stars

Marvel co-stars

The fans had gone crazy when the news surfaced that everything was unacceptable between him and the team of friends like Chris Evans, Tom Holland, etc. But let us spare you the trauma that it is just a glitch, and there is nothing you have to hold on to in this news. Many of his fans tweeted to him and apologizing on behalf of others, but it was laughed off as a glitch for all we know. Do you think there is something fishy going on? Let us know in the comments.