Indians Top Number of Migrants in Britain: Report

A week ago, Britain welcomed an Indian origin to the country’s highest administrative post. In this situation, special information about Indians living in Britain emerged in the 2021 census. According to the recently published report, Indians have far surpassed other countries in the number of immigrants to Britain. Currently, 920,000 Indians are living in Britain. Which is about 1.5% of the total population.

The list of 920,000 includes only those born in India but now living in Britain. However, Britain’s new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is not on this list. Because he was born in Britain. But Sunak’s wife Akshata Murthy’s name is on this list.

Census of 2021

Indians Top Number
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The 2021 census revealed that one in six people in England and Wales was born outside Britain. The number of foreign-born Britons in 2001 was just over 45 million. But now it has crossed 1 crore. And most of them are Indians too. Poland is second, Pakistan is third and Romania is fourth.

The situation is such that several boroughs in the country have more than 50 percent of residents who were not born in Britain. For example, Brent in North West London. 56-point 1 percent of the residents came from outside! A large number of Indians live in this region as well. Besides, this borough is also home to many people from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Africa, and other European countries. Moreover, 55.6% and 51.1% of those living in Westminster and Harrow respectively are not originally from Britain. Next on the list are the names of Kensington, Chelsea, and Newham.

The fact that the number of immigrants in Britain has been increasing for the past several years became clear in this report of the 2021 census. It has been the Conservative Party since the days of former Prime Minister David Cameron, demanding tighter control.

However, their finger is particularly pointed at migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers entering the waterways illegally. That number is steadily rising in Britain. It is one of the major challenges facing the Sunak government at present.

Hope for free trade between India-Taiwan

New Delhi has not batted closely with Taiwan for fear of deteriorating relations with China. It didn’t go that way for free trade agreements. But the over two years of Chinese military presence along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh has made the Modi government increasingly impatient. In that context, Taiwan’s Deputy Finance Minister Cheron Choi Chen, who came to India, expressed his hope for the completion of the India-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement in New Delhi.

In addition to the meeting with the Indian leadership, he also held a meeting with the heads of several businessmen yesterday. Yesterday, three agreements were signed with Taiwanese companies in the field of electrical products production and environment-friendly technology in India. According to diplomatic circles, the whole issue will undoubtedly make Beijing, the proponent of the one-China policy, intolerant. This visit of the Taiwanese minister to attend the ‘India-Taiwan Industrial Collaboration Summit’.