Indian Navy Shows Interset On The Sinking Of Russian Cruiser Moskva

Since the full-scale invasion carried out by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukraine has been surrounded by heavy Russian troops on all sides. Russia has deployed multiple cruisers and warships on the Black Sea to assist its troops on the Ukrainian land. The most expensive ship that was operating on the black sea was Moskva, also called Moscow which was destroyed by the Ukrainian Resistance.

Indian Navy Shows

Moskva – The Deadly Cruiser

The most expensive cruiser ship in the Russian arsenal is Moskva which cost around $750 million. This cruiser has made several important strategic operations on Ukrainian land. One of the important missions that Moskva performed was on the Snake Island.

On the first day of the Russia Ukraine war, Moskva was sent to capture Snake island, which was an important piece of Ukrainian land. There were seven Ukrainian soldiers deployed on the island to protect it from the Russian forces.

Moskva asked the soldiers to surrender to escape total destruction. But Ukrainian soldiers turned down the proposal and were killed in multiple missile launches within the following few hours. Luckily, there was no civilian presence on the island, resulting in no civilian casualties.

The act of the Ukrainian soldiers was appreciated throughout the world, whereas Moskva’s actions were condemned because the island was abandoned and had only a few Ukrainian military personnel.

Doom Of Moskva

Ukrainian forces were able to resist Russian troops and cavalry that were miles long. The ‘Ghost of Kyviv,’ a skillful anonymous fighter jet pilot, shot down 6 Russian aircraft in a single day. Considering these victories, it is safe to say that Ukrainian forces were quite successful in their resistance. But they weren’t successful in destroying the Russian Navy.

But on the 14th of April, two Ukrainian Anti-cruise missiles hit the rear side of Moskva, causing irreparable damage to the cruiser. Within a few hours, the flagship sunk and was considered to be the justice done for the seven brave soldiers who lost their lives for the country. It was considered a huge embarrassment for Russia.

Why Does the Indian Navy Shows Interest On A Russian Cruiser?

Russian warships and submarines are known for their durability than their battle performances. There has not been one Russian ship sunk for 117 years until now. In 1905, a Russian flagship took severe damage from the Japanese Imperial Navy, which caused the ship to sink. This incident took place in the Battle of Tsushima.

Indian Navy Shows

After a century, the first Russian flagship took a fatal hit. But what causes Indian Navy to study the loss of Moskva? The Black Sea Fleet’s flagship Moskva was shot down by Ukrainian anti-cruise ballistic missiles, which use the same mechanism as the Chinese’s DF-21.

Indian Navy is now employing the best minds to conduct research on the sinking of Moskva and make Indian ships withstand these anti-cruise ballistic missiles.

It is also believed that Indian Naval officers will discuss this incident at the Naval Commanders Conference, which is going to take place next week.