Indian Girl Committed Suicide In New York

When opening a special section of the World Health Organization (WHO) website, the first question that comes to notice is, ‘I am not safe in my own home, what should I do?’ There are some instructions given by the organization in reply. Even 30-year-old Mandeep Kaur didn’t have her own ‘safe place at home. After being beaten by her husband day after day, she had to choose the path of suicide. However, Mandeep had been informed about her condition on social media. A section of the Sikh community is seething with anger over her death.

Allegations are aimed at Mandeep’s husband Ranjodhveer Singh Sandhu and the in-laws. However, there was no response from her husband or in-laws on the death of the Indian-origin bride, a resident of Richmond Hill, New York. It is also not known whether any legal action has been taken against them.

Indian Girl
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Protests against the injustice

After Mandeep’s death, her videos went viral. A voluntary organization that helps end domestic violence against women first shared Mandeep’s video on social media. After that, the question arose about the safety of Indian brides in the diaspora. The ‘HashtagJusticeForMandeepKaur’ movement has also started. A group of protesters protested in front of Mandeep’s in-laws’ house. Several social workers have also met her family in India.

In a video that has gone viral, a tearful Mandeep is seen telling how she had endured constant torture for the past 8 years for the ‘crime’ of giving birth to two daughters. Mandeep said that she thought that one-day Ranjodhveer would change.

Mandeep also said that her in-laws also supported her husband’s torture. Mentions the time when Ranjodhveer kept her locked in a truck for five consecutive days with nominal food and water. After knowing this, Mandeep’s father complained to the police. Then Ranjodhveer asked for help by promising to change. Mandeep also accepted it by looking at the faces of her two and four-year-old daughters. But the level of torture did not decrease. Her husband was also involved in extraterritoriality.

In the video, Mandeep tells her father in Punjabi, “I want to die, father, I can’t anymore. Forgive me.”

Details of the crime

After the video went viral, many more videos were released. The news agency has not verified the authenticity of these videos. However, it is known that Mandeep used to send those clips to her acquaintances at various times. In a video of the torture, Mandeep was beaten even more if she tried to protest. In the end, she was forced to admit defeat and say that she was the one who made the mistake.

Indian Girl
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Mandeep got married to Ranjodhveer in 2015. She was originally a resident of Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. From there she moved to New York. Mandeep’s bereaved family is making arrangements to repatriate her body with government assistance. Expressing grief over Mandeep’s death, the Indian Consulate in New York tweeted that they will provide all possible assistance. They are in contact with American authorities at the central and local levels.