India Suggests On Keeping G20 Non-Political

India has suggested keeping G20 non-political ahead of the upcoming meeting. On Thursday, a statement has been sent out on behalf of India that currently India is very much concerned about multiple happenings around the world such as poverty and development, climate change, and many other issues. So keeping in view these major issues, India is suggesting the members of the G20 on keeping the grouping non-political.

Amitabh Kant, the sherpa of India has informed that the ministry in Delhi with its members is currently working to ensure the global challenges which revolve around debt and recession. Across many parts of the world, these issues are addressed and in many parts, it remains in the dark. India feels that it is high time now that these issues are been taken care of and allow no political or any other forms of agendas hold them back. 

Kant has further stated that the issues which have been put forward to the G20 participating countries as deliverables need to be worked upon. This forum is all about development, growth, and progress and so all the countries much jointly work towards it.

For the second meet of the G20, the sherpas from the G20 nations shall be meeting at Kumarakom. The major representatives consisting of various world leaders will be discussing the steps for dealing with various global challenges at the human level. The discussion shall begin with the sherpas drafting a communique for the world leaders’ summit which is going to take place in September.

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The reason for choosing this location is because the backwaters of Kumarakom will bring serenity and peace to the participating members. India is looking forward to greater participation and engagement of the world leaders during the meeting so that some of the major world issues can be taken care of.

Irrespective of whatever may be the political issues of the world at the present, India maintains that G20 must remain a development and economic forum across the global level. This stand of India has gained support from Troika which is formed by Brazil, Indonesia, and South Africa on a special invite. According to the sources, each of the countries that are emerging has said that issues like the overhang of global debt, inflation, global growth slowing down, and climate action are the need of the hour to be discussed upon. These extensively need to be deliberated at the forum so that a possible solution to resolving them can be planned out.

Kant also had an extensive discussion covering a vast range of issues concerning at the global level with his South African and Russian counterparts. At the end of the discussion, Kant shared with the reporters that with Russia he has talked about a lot of things. And both countries are very optimistic and positive about bringing the much-needed change. Kant said that at the bilateral he received strong support for the development from many countries which includes Italy as well.