India Marks The Lowest Cases Of Covid since 2020, March

According to a news report published in The Times Of India, India has shown a decline in the Covid data. Ever since March 27, 2020, India records eighty-nine fresh infections of Covid in a day, which is the lowest in all these years. According to data published by the Union Health Ministry of India, the active cases have gone down to two thousand and thirty-five. Till now since Covid spread across India in 2020, there have been more than four and a half crore cases reported and among them, the death toll has reached five lakh thirty thousand seven hundred and twenty-six. 

Out of the total number of infections of Covid in India, there is presently 0.01 percent of active cases. The ministry has also informed us that the rate of recovery has also got increased to almost ninety-nine percent which is a massive improvement. While in the district of Thane in Maharashtra, in the last twenty-four hours, only a single fresh case of Covid has got detected. This has led to the total count of infections in Maharashtra to seven lakh forty-seven thousand four hundred and fifteen cases, according to a health official. 

Cases Of Covid
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The health official; has further stated that a new active case of Covid was noted on Monday. Presently across all the districts which are enlisted under the Metropolitan Region of Mumbai, there are about nine active cases of Covid. The rate of recovery in Maharashtra is seven lakhs thirty-six thousand two hundred and eight. The rate of death is at eleven thousand nine hundred and seventy-one. 

Delhi too has reported zero cases of covid in a day ever since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020. In the past twenty-four hours, there have been no fresh cases of Covid reported too in Delhi, according to a bulletin published by the Health Department of Delhi. The bulletin also states that in the past twenty-four hours, nine patients got recovered from Covid, leading the recovery tally to nineteen lakhs eighty thousand seven hundred and eighty-one.  The overall number of Death due to Covid had been stagnant at twenty-six thousand five hundred and twenty-two. In the last twenty-four hours, there has been no death reported due to Covid.

On Monday the Government of Odisha declared that they would begin again the vaccination of Covid from January 19th across the different mentioned hospitals of the State. Shalini Pandit, who happens to be the secretary of Family Welfare has confirmed that, under this vaccination program of Covid, vaccines shall be available from January 19th onwards.

The Government of Kerala has made it compulsory for all people to wear a mask, especially in public places when there is a gathering be it for work or any general or personal functions. They are also ensuring that proper physical distance is maintained so that the outspread of Covid gets cut down. The Government has further ordered theaters, shops, and event organizers for making arrangements for the sanitization of the hands of the people. They are taking every measure to stop the progress of Covid back again.