India Celebrates Vivekananda Jayanti As The National Youth Day

According to an article published in The Times Of India, today on the 12th of January India is celebrating Swami Vivekananda’s birthday marking it as National Youth Day. Vivekananda was a philosopher, a monk practicing Hinduism, and also one of the greatest spiritual and influential leaders in India. On this day in 1863, he was born. His philosophy and teachings have had a great impact on today’s modern India.

Vivekananda was also one of the prominent figures who introduced two important philosophies of Hinduism which are Yoga and Vedanta across the Western world. his teachings and wider perspective on all the religions in India made Hinduism not only very popular but also the major religion of the world during the 19th century. In addition to this, he also strongly advocated for social justice in India during his time. He also worked across the various societies in India at that time and helped in uplifting the lower cast and also the status of women in the society.

National Youth Day

Vivekananda Jayanti
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India honors this day of Vivekananda Jayanti as the National Youth Day. This is the time when the younger generations in India are encouraged more to come forward for celebrating and putting into practice the ideals and teachings of Vivekananda. It also allows the youth to reflect on the ideologies and apply them to their lives and the society around them creating an impact around the world.

Various activities are taken up day long to celebrate this great day in India. Being a government holiday on this day, various seminars, lectures competitions, and social activities are taken up in different schools and colleges. The philosophies of this great son of India are been discussed while trying to incorporate them into today’s world. The youth are also encouraged to take up different community projects too shaping them to be future leaders at all levels in this country and beyond.

Not only India but also Indian all across the world observe and celebrate this day too. It allows people to step back a bit from their busy lives and gadgets and reflect upon the wider issues. It is a time for educating oneself, improving, and also being more responsible towards society. 

The History Of National Youth Day In India

On 12th January 1984, India declared this day as National Youth Day. It is a tribute to Vivekananda and honor all that he has done for society. The government also encourages especially the youth to take up leadership roles and do even a small bit that is possible for the improvement of society.  Since this has become an important day of observation in India so, messages of Vivekananda are spread all across the world too.

The teachings of Vivekananda were so advanced during his time that it is still relevant and practiced too during this era and it also aptly fits people all across the societies and position levels they hold. This day is a reminder and an encouragement to the youth of India for building a greater future for the nation.