Hunger Strike Suspended Due To Hospitalization Of Gurung

Janamukti Morcha president Bimal Gurung fell ill five days after the start of the hunger strike. He was admitted to the hospital on Sunday as his condition deteriorated. In this situation, his hunger strike was postponed, the party said.

According to Morcha sources, Gurung’s physical condition has been deteriorating since yesterday afternoon. He was admitted to Darjeeling District Hospital. Although at first Gurung refused to go to the hospital. According to hospital sources, Gurung’s body water level is at an all-time low. Problems with urination include problems with blood pressure and blood sugar. Gurung is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital’s HDU-10 room. He is being given saline and oxygen. The superintendent of the hospital said yesterday evening, “We are keeping an eye on the health of the Morcha leader.” At night, Morcha general secretary Roshan Giri said, “The condition of the president’s body is not good. The hunger strike has been postponed. We will announce the next program.”

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Gurung has been on hunger strike since last Wednesday. His body started getting worse after noon on Saturday. At night the doctors went to the fasting stage and advised him to be admitted to the hospital. He had been weak for the last two days. Blood was reported in the urine. The BJP parliament in Darjeeling had also written to him requesting him to break the fast. On Saturday, Minister Buluchik Baraik met with Gurung as the state representative. He also offered to sit at the negotiating table after the vote.

BJP Union Ministers, MPs, MLAs and leaders of allied parties came on the hunger strike yesterday afternoon. Neeraj Zimba, a BJP MLA from Darjeeling and also a GNLF leader, called Gurung a “guardian” of the hill after Subash Ghising. All of them requested Gurung to break his fast and fight together. The BJP delegation led by Union Minister John Barla, Sangsad Raju Bista went to the stage of the hunger strike. Everyone has expressed concern over Gurung’s body and blamed the state. Raju Bista said, “He is one of the leaders of the Gorkhas. We told him to call off the hunger strike.”

After meeting Gurung, John Barla, Raju Bista visited the Darjeeling palace and met Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar. The governor was given a memorandum asking him to intervene to stop the GTA vote. They told the governor that most people in the hills did not want GTA. The case against GTA is also pending in the High Court. The state wants to force the hill to vote. Gurung is still protesting. Minister of State Arup Biswas said, “Everyone needs to be involved in the development of the hills.”

Although reported from the Trinamool Congress, Gurung’s population is much lower than before. So he is doing many things to be relevant in the mountains. The BJP wants to fish in the muddy waters there. The police administration, however, is keeping an eye on the situation. We sincerely hope the leader a very speedy recovery.