How To Obtain Caste Certificate Number

The welfare Department of West Bengal government for backward classes started giving out digital caste certificates a few years ago instead of manual ones which were previously given. The manual or old caste certificates which were already available, were also given new digital numbers.

If you or any of your acquaintances are under the category of SC (scheduled caste), ST (schedule tribes) or OBC (other backward class, you must have the caste certificate. There is an absolute chance of the caste certificate that you have being manual or old and may not have new digital Certificate number of caste. Here you will know how you can get the new number of manual or old caste certificate. The process is described in detail below.

Steps to get caste certificate number

Caste Certificate

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To obtain your caste certificate number, the first thing you need to do is visit the website of WB caste certificate that is Then you need to click on the option of view certificate details on the homepage. You will see a new page there. In the second step, you need to enter the manual or old certificate number, the name of the issuing authority and the year of issue. You can also put your name with the date. Next tap on the search option.

In the third step, you will see the details of the caste certificate on the screen. You will see both digital certificate number manual and manual or old certificate number here. It is usually located right above manual number. By following the steps, one can easily check the new caste certificate number anytime online.

Caste certificate of registrar declared invalid

On the other hand, in Aurangabad, Jaishree Suryawanshi’s caste certificate, who is the registrar of BAMU (Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University) was declared invalid by the DCCSC. She claimed that she had received the certificate of VJ from competent authorities in the 1990s. The founder president of association of non-teaching staffers at BAMU, Subhash Borikar, filed a complaint against the caste certificate of Suryawanshi in the year of 2021, on May 18.

Suryawanshi herself pleaded that the caste certificate of her maybe cancelled and in the past, she had made innumerable attempts to this effect in front of competent authorities of Kannad Her school leaving certificate mentioned her caste as Maratha but her service record before joining as BAMU registrar has registered her as VJ.

The complainant argued before the Aurangabad committee that Suryawanshi’s caste certificate was bogus.  The registrar claimed in her written submission that she was Marathi and performed an inter-caste marriage in 1990 with a person who belongs to VJ category. She referred to the rule that was made by supreme court in 1996. It prohibits changing of caste after a marriage that is inter-caste. Suryawanshi informed the panel that her caste certificate was never used by her in her career for any kind of personal gains.

Like this case, many other caste-certificate related issues are garnering much public attention nowadays in the country.