Homeopathic Medicines Reduce The Sickle Cell Disease

According to an article published in The Times Of India, Homeopathy treatment has evolved over the years and is being used worldwide. The power of Homeopathy lies in the fact that it cures a patient through a holistic approach. It creates a balance inside both physically, and mentally along with taking care of the spiritual and emotional levels too. Homeopathy also has a cure for Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, and Aplastic Anemia too.

Sickle Cell Anemia

This disease has presently drawn the attention of the world. It is not only found everywhere in the world but also creates many complications regarding the rate of mortality and morbidity. This is a disorder that is inherited and so it cannot get cured but one can reduce its levels of suffering. A report estimates that about three lakh babies are born each year having this disorder and among them, three fourth belongs to African countries.

Homeopathic Medicines
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This type of anemia is genetic and hereditary in the blood that turns the blood cells sickle-shaped. This disrupts the flow of oxygen and blood across different blood vessels in the body. 


The primary symptoms of this condition are fatigue, weakness, irritability, jaundice, bed-wetting, swelling, inflammation, frequent infections, slow adolescence or growth, chest pain, visual difficulties, pain in the lower back, and pain in the feet and hands.


Dr. AK Dwivedi says that homeopathy is the best solution to this disease. This doctor who is based in Indore has performed much research and has found that through the process of homeopathy treatment, immunity can be given a boost inside the patient that would also make him fall sick less frequently. The homeopathy treatment has two parts to it. First, it takes care of the issue, and second, it builds overall immunity inside so that the patient does not deteriorate any further.

For every intense attack, a fifty-millesimal dosage is recommended. Initially, the medicine may have to be taken hourly but gradually with the improvement of the condition, the dosage can be minimized. He affirms that homeopathy is very effective for CSD patients. Since people who have this condition are in a great number so, conducting a blood test is very essential. He even suggests that making a blood test even before marriage is also needed so that it can be prevented from getting transferred to the next generation.

He further mentions another serious and rare blood condition called aplastic anemia. It happens inside the marrow and prevents the soft tissues inside the bones from creating new blood cells. This makes the patient more vulnerable to infections and leads him to death gradually. He says that for the past twenty-three years, he has been practicing homeopathy treatment over such patients. And now those patients are living normal life without the need for prescribed drugs or blood transfusions.

 Thalassemia also happens to be one more genetic disorder of the same kind. Here too the patients are living a much better life with the help of homeopathy treatment. Homeopathy takes care of the issue from the root and so with time the need for blood transfusion frequently gets reduced. The patient starts to live a regular life.