Highlights Of This Year’s Republic Day

According to a report published today in Hindustan Times, preparations for this year’s Republic Day celebrations on the 26th of January are in full force in the national capital. Like each year, a grand ceremony shall take place preceding the flag hoisting by the President. There shall be certain factors to look out for, this time. Right from the biggest drone show with three thousand five hundred indigenous UAVs to a stunning performance by the playback singer Kailash. This year the celebrations shall be grander highlighting India’s diverse culture along with eco-system startup and Digitization.

The Prime Minister of India has said that Republic Day happens to be a very important day for India’s constitution and it is meant for symbolizing what the Indians have achieved through sovereignty. He has also encouraged the people to celebrate it grandly and participate in different ways in the programs of Republic Day.  This year, the central theme of Republic day happens to be Jan Bhagidari which means the participation of the common man. During a briefing to the press Giridhar Aramane, the defense secretary said that this year they have set the programs in such a way that anyone can participate in them very easily.

The Chief Guest

Republic Day
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Each year on the 26th of January, India invites a chief guest from some other nation to grace the Republic Day celebrations. So, this year, Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, the president of Egypt shall be the guest of honor. Even during the celebrations at Kartavaya Path, the Egyptian contingent consisting of a hundred and twenty members shall also march along. 

The Tribal Stance And The Military Tattoo

From January twenty-third to twenty-fourth, celebrations for a week on the occasion of Republic Day shall begin in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium shall begin. It will start with a military tattoo accompanied by the tribal dance festival. During the Republic Day parade, there shall be ten performances by the military tattoo along with twenty tribal dance performances. The ministry of tribal affairs along with the ministry of defense is organizing this event jointly. The entire event shall be coordinated by the Indian Coast Guard agency. During this celebration, the hundredth and twenty-sixth birth anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose shall also be commemorated too.

Military Showcase And Traditional Dance

There shall be various traditional dances performed during Republic Day such as Gaurr Maria, Baiga Pardhoni, Siddi Dhamal, and many more. Along with this, the armed forces of India shall showcase their combat skills too. More than twelve hundred performers shall participate from the different regiments. It is expected that about sixty thousand people shall gather to watch the Republic Day parade. 

Display Of Technology

This time it is going to be India’s biggest drone show too. it shall highlight different events in India and the national figures.

Vande Bharatam 2.0

Five hundred and three dancers shall portray Nari Shakti during the cultural event of the Republic Day parade. All these dancers have been chosen from the finale of the Vande Bharatam competition.