Hardik Is Happy After Winning The First Match Of The Asia Cup

Hardik Pandya, the hero who defeated Pakistan in the first match of the Asia Cup, is going back to the past. He remembers the incident at the Asia Cup four years ago. When the Indian all-rounder had to leave the field on a stretcher in Dubai. Hardik tweeted on Monday with a picture of that day and the moment they won the Pak match, “Return is much stronger than push.”

Comment of the all-rounder

Hardik is 100% right. A back injury suffered in the Asia Cup four years ago kept him away from cricket for a long time. After returning, he could not even bowl for a long time. But in this year’s Asia Cup, the all-rounder Hardik was reborn again. He has been seen taking the role of Pak destroyer with the bat. “This win was very important for us. It feels good to win. We are very happy to win. Our nerves have been tested. We were also challenged as a team.” Hardik said in a post-match conversation with fellow all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja on BCCI TV.

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Later, Hardik praised his team-mate all-rounder and said, “I liked the way Jadeja played too.” India lost 4 wickets at one point and fell under pressure. From there, the Hardik-Jadeja duo brought the team back into the match.

Hardik later recalled, “After the match, I was remembering everything. Walking out of that match four years ago on a stretcher. That dressing room. Then to get on the field again today. After that, it was natural to feel that something had been added to the list of achievements.”

Credit to the deserving

Hardik wants to give credit to the two men separately behind his comeback. One is former Indian team physio, Nitin Patel. Who is now the head of the sports science wing of the Indian Cricket Board? The second is current strength and conditioning coach Soham Desai. Hardik said, “It’s been a beautiful journey. I’m getting the results today. But those behind it don’t get credit. I believe credit should be given to whoever deserves it. Credit goes to Nitin and Soham for my comeback.”

Image Source : https://images.indianexpress.com/2022/08/Hardik-Pandya-2-1.jpg

He took three wickets with the ball. Using the short ball, he made the Pak batsmen return. Hardik said, “I have to understand the situation and bowl accordingly. The short ball is my weapon. The real thing is to use it properly.”

Jadeja and Hardik brought India back into the match against Pakistan in Dubai. The pair scored 52 runs. Which decided the fate of the match. Hardik was saying, “I got emotional only once in the entire innings. When Jaddu got out in the last over.” He added, “I and Jaddu have been playing for the Indian team for seven-eight years. The Indian team is known for their first three batsmen. We are grateful to get this opportunity. It feels good to make the team win.”Hardik has made it clear that the T20 World Cup is now at the end of its journey.