Deepshikha Deshmukh on sustainable sets: Want to leave a greener planet for future generations

In the recent news where we are fighting to turn the lifestyle of humans into something that can be called sustainable, the newest addition to the ever-growing industry is sustainable sets. Deepshikha Deshmukh, a filmmaker, who’s upcoming project bellbottom starring Akshay Kumar is in the production phase, has spoken about leaving a mark on the planet.

She has mentioned that change begins at home, and she wants to leave a Greener and healthier planet for future generations. She has been connected with the “recycle man” binai Desai to build her sustainable sets for her upcoming projects. She also mentioned that she had a profound passion for sustainable living. It has become necessary in today’s ever-changing world that sustainability is the only option that can save our race rather than perish it for future generations. 

Her statement read that sustainability has always been her passion and being a mother herself, and she wanted to advocate for sustainable living. The amount of PPE kits that the people don are humongous, and it isn’t safe for the earth to be disposed of in a landfill just to decompose and leave harmful gases. Hence she has been tied up with the recycle man to create eco-friendly sets, such that even when they are decomposed, they do good to the environment rather than cause harm to the same. 

Want to leave a greener planet for future generations

greener planet for future generations

She has opened about the same by posting and taking it to her Instagram handle about the same. She also mentions in her post that she solemnly pledges to reduce the carbon footprint and raise awareness about the same and is delighted to have joined hands with “recycle man”. She has been extremely anxious about the extreme usage of plastics when it comes to sets and other essential details. That is the reason she wants to make a change and reduce the carbon usage for the same. Want to leave a greener planet for future generations.

We think it’s a great move to save the environment and also leave a mark for our future generations to follow. What do you think about it?