Gehlot Vs Pilot Conflict In Rajasthan

Sachin Pilot raised the question that the people of Rajasthan brought Congress to government by voting against the corruption of BJP’s Vashundhara Raje government. So why was there no action against corruption in the last four years?

Ashok Gehlot said, Corona came to the whole country first. Then there was a corona in the Congress party. No one named anyone.

Sachin has been seeking a transfer to the post of Chief Minister of Rajasthan or to the top post of the Congress organization for a long time. At first he was told that a decision would be taken when the Bharat Jodo Yatra passes through Rajasthan. Now it is being said that the decision will be taken after the plenary session of the Congress at the end of February. Frustrated by the indecisiveness of the Congress high command, Pilot himself started targeting the Rajasthan polls at the end of the year and went into his own campaign. Since last January 16, he has been holding farmers’ public meetings one after another. His Youth conference will be held on Friday.

Accusations of Pilot

Gehlot Vs Pilot
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According to the camp close to Mr. Pilot, Pilot started his public relations after informing Rahul Gandhi. He raised the question in that public meeting yesterday, why the Gehlot government did not take action against the corruption of the BJP’s Vashundhara government?

On the other hand, Gehlot, who is reluctant to leave the chief minister’s chair, is looking forward to take the path of charity, keeping an eye on next month’s budget vote. He claimed that for the last three decades, the government has changed every five years in Rajasthan, but this time he will change the rules. In that pre-budget conference, Gehlot said that after Corona in the country, Corona had also entered the Congress party.

Congress leaders in Delhi say that the decision will be made by balancing the two camps. Rahul Gandhi himself said, Gehlot-Pilot both are assets of the team. But the question before the Congress high command is, if Gehlot is removed from the post of Chief Minister, what other responsibility can be given to a senior leader like him? He was considered by Sonia Gandhi for the post of Congress President. He did not agree and rebelled but the high command could not take action against him. 

Pilot told the high command that if he was confronted, he would make the way for the Congress to win by aligning the Jaths with the Gujjar community. Many in the Congress are telling him that he will lose his face if he loses the election as Chief Minister. So instead, he should wait for the results of the polls.

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