Gehlot Refuses to Accept One-Post Policy

At the Chintan camp in Udaipur, Congress decided to adopt the policy of ‘one person, one post’. According to party sources, Ashok Gehlot, whom the Gandhi family wants to install as Congress president, does not want to follow the ‘one person, one post’ policy. Although Gehlot took over as the Congress President, he does not want to leave the seat of Chief Minister to Sachin Pilot.

Passing of resolutions 

The Rajasthan Pradesh Congress meeting was held in Jaipur the day before yesterday. There, a proposal was passed to hand over the power of appointing the state Congress president to the new Congress president following the unwritten instructions of the Congress High Command. It is significant that, at the same time, under the leadership of Ashok Gehlot, a resolution was also passed in favor of making Rahul Gandhi the Congress president. Gehlot himself has said that he wants Rahul to be the president of the party. Everyone should raise their hands and support him. Ajay Maken, who is in charge of Rajasthan at the AICC, was also present there.

Gehlot Refuses
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According to Congress sources, Gehlot’s failure to become Congress president has nothing to do with the passing of the resolution seeking Rahul as Congress president. The official process of electing the Congress president will start next week. Before that, in most of the states, the resolution will be passed in the state Congress Committee asking Rahul for the post of Congress President. Even if Rahul himself announced that he will not be the president, the message will be given that he is the party leader who is the ‘first choice’ of Congress’s leaders and workers. 

Sonia Gandhi’s stance 

Before going abroad for treatment, Sonia Gandhi had told Gehlot that he should take over as the Congress president. Sonia-Priyanka returned home on Friday. Gehlot is still reluctant to quit the post of Chief Minister of Rajasthan. He has been given the responsibility of Gujarat polls for the Congress. Gehlot argues that being in the post of chief minister will benefit his work. On the other hand, Sachin Pilot’s camp is desperate to make him the chief minister of Rajasthan. According to them, Pilot took charge of Himachal Pradesh polls without any post.

Mukul Wasnik, Randeep Singh Surjewala, and Adhir Chowdhury held multiple positions during the Chintan camp. Mukul was in charge of the Congress election committee and Madhya Pradesh. He has been removed from the Madhya Pradesh charge. Surjewala was in charge of Public Relations and Karnataka. He has been removed from the PR department. Kamal Nath has already stepped down as the leader of the opposition party keeping the post of the state president of Madhya Pradesh in his hands. Only Adhir holds the post of West Bengal president and Lok Sabha party leader at the same time. The question of the Congress camp is, if Gehlot wants to become the Congress President and hold the post of Chief Minister at the same time, then why will the rest accept ‘one person, one post’!