‘Gangnam’ Man PSY’s New Song Trends On Twitter In India

The record breaking song Gangnam Style’s singer has made a comeback with his latest song called That That. It is a collaborative project with the South Korean boyband BTS’s Suga, who produced as well as featured in the song.

The wait is finally over for both A.R.M.Ys (BTS stans are called this) and PSYcho (PSY fans)! Fans were not able to sit straight ever since BTS member Suga (it’s his stage name. The real name is Min Yoongi) and the legendary k-pop star PSY announced their super collaboration. They went berserk on social media as the teaser was released officially on Twitter by PSY. The song That That officially released today at 2.30 pm IST yesterday on the official YouTube channel of PSY. Apart from lending his voice and appearance to the song, he has also produced it.

PSY achieved his ever-growing fame first in the year 2013 with the release of his major hit Gangnam Style which continues to garner more views till date on YouTube. People from all over the world got hooked to the song and tried their moves with the signature step! At the time of its release, k-pop was not very popular in India and most people weren’t even aware that such a genre even existed! But with the advent of the Hallyu wave in India, South Korea’s music and other entertainment mediums are hugely acclaimed by the countrymen and women.

New Song Trends On Twitter

The song is set to achieve great milestones just like the Gangnam song as it already has over 14 million views in less than 12 hours! Fans have literally made a list of goals to achieve soon after the release of the MV. One of them included 16 million views in the first 24 hours of release which seems like a done deal with its current view count! 

In this epic collaboration, PSY is seen in a cowboy outfit and shows his amazing and quirky dance moves as he bids farewell to 2020 in the opening scene. Suga joins him after 1.30 minutes in the video and adds more fun to the song with his iconic rap. He effortlessly matches PSY’s moves looking dapper in a white cowboy suit.

The third and sixth trending hashtags in India yesterday were respectively #ThatThatFearSUGA which had 540k Tweets under it and Min Yoongi which had 270k Tweets under the name. Readers can clearly understand the reason and we are sure the hashtags are not going to disappear anytime soon.

• PSY and Suga’s experiences:

During an interview clip, posted on both his official Twitter and Instagram accounts, PSY revealed that he never wants to be someone who is hard to approach. Suga was not only his junior in the industry but also felt like a true friend. He didn’t feel any age gap and commented if Suga thought him as a bestie, that was actually great for me. He chuckled that it makes him pretty younger then! On the other hand, Suga expressed his initial nervousness because of PSY’s seniority and respected image in the showbiz. He felt like working with a friend from childhood once there was a rapport and it helped him make the process of song writing super fun. He smiled and regarded him as a bestie of which PSY’s response was provided above.