Former Google And Apple Recruiter Advises Job Seekers: Prioritize Substance Over Style In Resumes

There are several aspects to preparing for an interview. It is especially true for freshers, who are aspiring to get a job at a decent place. However, there are specific points that they forget while preparing the resume. So, in this article, we will look at some of the points provided by Ex-Google and Apple recruiter Stephenie Fackrell. These points provide some specific facts on how to prepare a resume.

She has been in the recruitment industry for the last 15 years of her life and has some very crucial tips. First of all, she reveals that the use of diagrams or charts in a resume is a very bad idea. It can often be confusing for hiring managers to get accurate and relevant data from the resume. As a result, it can reduce your chances of getting a job after the interview.

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Another essential aspect that is lacking in several resumes is the title and the achievements. These points would affect the relevance and the fitness of the applicant for the job profile. Instead, applicants use columns and charts in their resume, that is a poor idea.

On the other hand, the applicant should focus on his or her titles and achievements. They should clearly mention their qualifications which can thoroughly present them in a bright light in front of the hiring manager. She further added that a resume should be fit enough to be self-explainable within 1 minute. There should also be a focus on the number of pages. It should never exceed two in the case of a resume for a job profile.

She also said that listing daily tasks is often a very poor idea in the case of a resume. It is because it is important to depict the accomplishments along with some aspects of the job. It will then make sure that the hiring manager is able to understand your contribution. Otherwise, it will present you in a bad light, and it will show a lack of effort in making the resume. All of this will ultimately affect your selection for the job profile.

One of the biggest mistakes that the applicants often make in the resume is in terms of mentioning the dates. Whenever they add their date of employment, they often resort to mentioning only the year. It is a poor decision and must be avoided by adding the month along with the year in the resume. Otherwise, it will show a lack of intent and often depict some sense of secrecy in the resume from the applicant.