Food Outlets In The Kolkata Airport Are Adding Calorie Check On The Menu

According to a report published in The Times Of India, food outlets inside the Kolkata airport are adding innovations to make the diners at the outlet aware of their calorie consumption. It seems that the Kolkata airport is making the passengers aware of being wise in choosing a healthier meal. The majority of the food outlets inside the Kolkata airport are also giving the data of calories beside every food item on their menu list. Some of the outlets are even walking an extra mile. They are mentioning the ingredients in the preparation too such as eggs, nuts, gluten, milk, and soya. This is been done keeping in mind the customer’s allergic reactions to any particular type of food. 

During the month of November 2020, the FSSAI issued a notice about the display and labeling regulations. The notice stated that it is very much compulsory for restaurants or food outlets to have a central license. It has even made it mandatory for more than ten locations of food joints on mentioning the calorific value of each serving contained along with the size of the serving. It was mandatory to be written on the booklets, boards, and even beside the items that were displayed on the menu cards.

Food Outlets
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This practice has been there for a long time in every major airport across the European nations and the US. The various food outlets out there put the number of calories present in the items on the menu along with the beverages. By the norms set by the FSSAI, Kolkata airport has adopted this new upgradation. Especially domestic flyers are overwhelmed and appreciative of this initiative by the Kolkata airport. It gives them a chance of knowing how many calories they are intaking. This has become very important during a time more people have become health conscious and also with the Covid making a comeback around again.

An official in charge of the food and beverages outlets in the airport who are following this norm has said this move was very necessary to make. Airports happen to be a culmination of international facilities. Not only the domestic but the international flyers come and go through it too. So, adopting this global trend is very important. This helps in keeping a customer informed about the food he is consuming. 

Because more people have become aware these days about their health so, the food outlets inside the airport have requested the units take care of food and beverages by giving the data of calories too beside each item on the menu and on the display too. Reports come from sources that before Covid, only a few brands of packed food items such as sandwiches carried this information. But now, each calorie count is displayed beside every food mentioned on the menu card too. The only exception is the sweet shops presently. They are yet to come up with this system. This effort by the Kolkata airport has also been appreciated by health experts and dieticians as well.