Experts Say That This Extreme Cold Weather In Haryana Is Good For Crops

As per a report published in The Indian Express, Hardeep Singh, who happens to be the director general of agriculture in Haryana, has given his views about this cold in Haryana. In an interview with The Indian Express, he said that this ongoing extreme cold in Haryana is beneficial for wheat. Singh who also happens to be an ex-IAS officer further stated that this type of weather condition makes irrigation less required for the cultivation of wheat. But, if this dull weather stays for a long time then it shall create a problem for the mustard crop. 

It must be noted there that across various states in India, Haryana too is facing an extremely cold temperature. The cold wave in here has made living difficult, especially during the early hours of the morning and at night.

In another interview, Dayanand Poonia, the leader of the farmers from Bhiwani said that till now the weather seems to be perfect for the cultivation of mustard, wheat, and gram. This type of weather is especially perfect when it precedes rain. Professor Khichar who teaches at HAU has told that these days in Haryana, both the temperature throughout the day and night has been the same. According to him the temperature at the night in the past four days has been between four and a half to five and a half degrees Celsius. While the daytime temperature stays between ten to twelve degrees Celsius.

Cold Weather
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All across Haryana, Delhi NCR, and other different states, the temperature has been below normal for many days now. The days remain very cold and cloudy with a cold breeze blowing. While the night turns further cold as dense fog settles which lasts till late in the morning. The fog has also made visibility very difficult between two hundred meters. Due to this, many flights and trains are either getting canceled or delayed. Many schools across different states have also been either given an extended holiday or a change has been made to their timings. Across the streets of Haryana people are making bonfires and huddling around them for warmth. 

Talking about the cold waves Professor Khichar has told that amidst these low temperatures, there has been a movement of cold winds blowing from the north toward the west. Due to this, there has been an increase in the cold temperature in Haryana for the past several days. Further dense fog is expected to be created. In fact, in the next few days, there is a chance of the western disturbances leading to rainfall and storm. This would lower the temperature even more. Across the northern region and the hilly areas, snowfall is expected too. Although there is a possibility for a further dip in temperature across Haryana but, in the next few days rainfall won’t occur. 

Farmers in Haryana are also becoming concerned about the cold waves as it is creating problems for their cattle. Many of the animals are dying being unable to bear the temperature. The vice president of the district Dayanand Poonia has also told that there has been an increase in the number of accidents across the highways as the dense fog has limited the visibility.