Experts Predict That In The Future The Symptoms Of Covid May Change

An article published today in The Times Of India states that since the pandemic started, Coronavirus has undergone many changes adding newer variants and mutations more often. The seriousness of this disease has also transformed along with certain factors such as the status of vaccination and the status of domination. 

Medical experts and researchers are also thinking over the fact that how this disease may evolve in the future. David Strain who happens to be a senior lecturer of clinical studies states that the BA.4 along with BA.5 strains shall cause respiratory issues again.

Impact On The Lungs

Symptoms Of Covid
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Strains say that although there are chances that the new variants of Covid may affect the lungs but, he has a feeling that the lungs shall not be affected that much. Since evolution, the first thing humans started doing is breathing. From birth, till now humans have inhaled a lot of things and have come a long way. But he also says that the nose is an important agent of not only breathing in the disease but also transmitting it too.

Blood Clots

In his lecture Strains issued a severe warning that even though the present variant of Covid may not impact the lungs severely but it has other serious health implications. There is a huge possibility that the disease may take a thrombosis approach and that is indeed a matter of concern. This same thing happened with the Delta variant and now it happens with the BA.2 variant as well. It increases the chances of blood clotting in a bigger way.

Risk Of Other Diseases

Medical experts and researchers are of the view that the covid infection has every possibility of risk causing dementia and type one diabetes. In the previous variations of Covid, the records have shown that the infected patients even twelve months after being recovered have suffered strokes and heart attacks. Now it has been left to time to find out if the newer variants of Omicron shall also bring along similar issues.

Factors That Makes The Symptoms Severe

Monica Verduzco who happens to be a professor and the chairperson at a rehabilitation center in Texas, says that the status of the vaccine, the pre-existing medical conditions, the effect of the virus in the body, and the autoimmune diseases may make the situation in a patient very severe. And so based on the medical condition that a person has, the severity of the virus will differ for each person. She further adds that since now we have the option for therapeutics so, as soon the symptom is detected, treatments are started accordingly. This makes the effects of the virus a lot less severe.

The Present Severe Symptoms

Medical researchers at the World Health Organization have pointed out some severe symptoms that are connected with Covid.

  • Confusion
  • Pain In The Chest
  • Difficulty In Breathing
  • Loss Of Mobility Or Speech

The experts have stressed on the fact that whenever any such symptoms are seen in a person after being recovered from Covid, taking quick medical assistance is very essential.