Even After A Shocking Defeat, Brazil Qualifies To The Next Round: FFIFA World Cup

Cameroon had struck during the injury time to beat Brazil while on the other hand, Switzerland had been able to pull through three goals against the weak defense of Serbia during the final Group G clash. But somehow the results of the match didn’t stop Brazil or Serbia from reaching the next stage of the game. Both these teams have gone to the Round of 16. This is the third time in a row in the World Cup that Switzerland had moved to the next round of the game from the group stage. 

It was a must-win game for Serbia to qualify for the knockout stage while Switzerland had the option of taking things a little easy and seeing the results of the match between Serbia and Brazil. Switzerland drew the first blood in the twentieth minute when Xherdan Shaqiri scored a goal. In spite of consuming a goal, Serbia had its hopes high about changing the game any time as it happened with the giants during the Group stage. 

FFIFA World Cup
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Soon after, Serbia was twice successful as well in pulling the ball into the nets. The first of its goals were placed by Aleksandar Mitrovic, who after connecting the ball with a header, put it in the goal post from the bottom corner. To make the score equal, Serbia took the opportunity of its weak defense of Switzerland, putting it through the goalpost for the second time. 

But Switzerland had set the message clear from there that they are not going to allow Serbia to win without giving a good fight. This season of the World Cup has been filled with an unexpected turn. From being cornered by Serbia during the game, Switzerland managed to pull out another goal to turn the match away from the hands of Serbia.  

While on the other match the story was completely different. There was a weak display of tactical strategies in the Cameroon camp sometimes. They made many poor judgments and lost control over the ball too many times. But having said that, Brazil remained goalless.

 Ngom Mbekeli of Cameroon had made a cross from the right end to Vincent Aboubakar who was very swift against the Brazilian center-back, making it successful to the goalpost. Despite their loss to Cameroon, Brazil still managed to go to the Knock Out stage. This change lineup of Brazil still has got a lot of attacking players. In the entire match, Brazil tried its best to end the group stage by having three wins but failed somehow. They were beaten by the unexpected favor of luck on the Cameroon side. Especially during the closing stages of the match, Cameroon changed the game in their favor. Every attempt of Brazil in reaching the ball to the goalpost got denied by the Cameroon side.

Although Raphina and Bruno Guimaraes had ignited the Brazilian attack to take charge of the game, the progress got blocked by Christopher Woo who had displayed exceptional skill and temperament. Indeed the Brazilian fans were let down despite their team’s best efforts, yet they are hopeful about the Knock Out stages.