Even After 75, The Third Gender Is Stuck in The Form of Government Jobs

Where are things happening these days to be proud or happy about? Darkness all around. Among them, some are fighting to ignite the fire of extinguished hope with the force of love.

A few days ago, a transgender girl, a victim of trafficking, was made the chairperson of the Child Protection Commission in the state of West Bengal for a day. The objective was to share her/their past experiences and seek direction on how she/they would like to address these issues as the Chairperson of the Commission. Such a move to raise awareness about transgender children is the first in the country by a State Child Protection Commission. Otherwise, even the so-called educated circles remain coldly silent on the pronunciation of transgender, third gender-words.

Even though she/they was born with a male mark on her/their body, Disha never thought of herself/themselves as a male in her/their mind. She/they are comfortable in girls’ clothes. Due to this ‘feminine’ nature, she/they had to leave home before she/they reached adolescence due to extreme family oppression. In search of shelter, Disha moved to Lagan’s dance group. It is a popular dance practice for the entertainment of men in exchange for money at weddings or other events. It is conceivable how the audience, attracted to these ‘dancewali’ girls, behaves. Those who had a sheltered childhood cannot imagine the horrors. But Disha escaped from there and is now in the home of a voluntary organization.

And what about the transgender children who have the ability to compete with five people in education and other qualifications?

Another example 

Government Jobs
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Kuntal aka Ahiri, is a transformative person of Sonarpur. She is preparing for research after post-graduating in physics. She has been socially-oppressed since childhood for the ‘crime’ of being transgender. Struggling with all that, the twenty-three-year-old Ahiri suffered from clinical depression. She has been told from home to find her own way. Getting a job is very important to her. However, even though she is a talented student, she is not getting tuition because she is transgender. Even if Ahiri scores well in the NET exam, there is a high risk of rejection in the interview phase. Ahiri got that proof while giving another job exam.

Ayan or Anurupa is professionally a Lab Technologist. They were working on contractual basis in Pathology Department in Kanchrapara Railway Hospital. But they were dismissed midway through the process of changing their name and gender in official documents. Whether their contract will be renewed is uncertain. Because there is no option for the third gender in that hospital. Despite all the qualifications, they are not able to sit for the recruitment exam in the health department. Because, there is no ‘other category’ in the form. Despite repeatedly reporting the matter to the health building, there was no response. For now, Anurupa is jobless. There is no hope of work in private hospitals before Puja.

Rule of Central Government 

As per Central Government rules, ‘Transgender Identity Card’ is mandatory for transgender to get name and gender change on all identity cards and other preferences.