Emphasis On Increased Vigilance to Avoid Rail Accidents

The Modi government’s development model often highlights the success of the railways. Keeping in tune with the government’s thinking, the railways often promote new projects, technologies, and the success of goods transportation. But, despite the government’s propaganda, the complaints about the safety gaps cannot be removed, the railway officials understand.

According to railway sources, after two major accidents in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in a span of just four days, major questions have been raised about safety vigilance.

Order from the railway board 

Rail Accidents
image source:https://thewire.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/train-accident_Reuters.jpg

To avoid new discomfort, the Railway Board has ordered to conduct of a special surveillance operation across the country for a month from October 28. The Divisional Officers under various zones have been directed to be directly involved in the monitoring process. Top officials have been directed to carry out ‘footplate inspection’ or engine monitoring directly from the driver’s compartment of trains at night on all important lines to catch minimum lapses in maintenance.

On October 23, an empty freight train bound for Deendayal Upadhyay station adjacent to Mughalsrai near Ramwa station on the Kanpur-Prayagraj branch had 29 compartments lined up. Immediately after that incident, 53 wagons of a freight train loaded with coal derailed together on October 26 at the Dhanbad branch of East Central Railway. Although there was no loss of life in the accident that day, the locals were shocked by the severity of the accident. 

Details of the accident 

The speed of the engine pulling the goods was such that the engine was seen dragging the almost overturned wagons over the line after one wagon after another derailed and became separated. Immediately after the accident, a dust storm covered the surroundings.

In the first accident in Uttar Pradesh, apart from canceling several passenger trains, several important trains had to be diverted through the freight corridor. Among them were trains like Kalka Mail.

The next accident took place at Gurpa station in the Koderma branch of the Dhanbad division. The severity of the accident was so high that the train movement on that branch has not yet been fully restored. Many long-distance trains are still running way behind schedule. Even after several trains were diverted through Patna, the situation was not completely under control. According to railway sources, the Railway Board has ordered to increase vigilance immediately after the incident.

In the instructions issued by the Railway Board, it has been directed to keep a close eye on the general health of tracks, engines, coaches, and wagons and also to keep a strict watch on whether there is any gap in their maintenance. In two recent accidents, allegations of defects in wagons other than tracks or lines have come to the fore. Managers or Assistant Managers of all Railway Divisions have been directed to conduct night vigil. Also emphasizes maintenance at all levels.

As the winter season approaches, the risk of accidents due to line problems will increase. As a result, that order is news by looking at it. Railway insiders said that the way the accident happened on the important line if it was a passenger train, many people could have lost their lives.