Delhi Records A Temperature of 3° Celsius

According to a report published in India Today, the airport authorities of New Delhi yesterday morning announced that the procedures of low visibility are being undertaken as a thick sheet of fog has wrapped the city. It must be noted that in the last two years, Delhi has seen the lowest temperature on Thursday, marking 3° Celsius. The web desk of India Today, further states that some parts of Northern India are shivering due to this cold wave. The people of Delhi are seen huddling around the bonfires.

In Delhi, the temperatures have gone down to three degrees Celsius, being the lowest in the last two years. Over the past few days, the city has been wrapped up under a layer of fog making the airport officials undertake the procedures of low visibility. The authorities at the Indira Gandhi International airport have told that although normal operations are been followed, steps regarding the low visibility are being untaken too. 

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As per the passenger advisory, currently, all the operations and flights at the Delhi airport are functioning normally. But they have also requested the passengers to get in touch with the airline for an update on the flights. The report further states that around the region of Delhi, cold waves shall continue for the next few days too taking the temperatures to four degrees Celsius. 

A Huddle Around The Heat

Around 5:30 am yesterday, Palam recorded a temperature of seven degrees Celsius, whereas, around the Safdarjung area, it was at three degrees Celsius. Lodhi road has reported a temperature of 2.8 degrees. There has been a severe hit by the cold waves around the different regions of Delhi with day-long cloudy skies due to intense fog. Many schools have extended their holidays due to this massive cold.
Across the different parts of Delhi, people were seen huddling across bonfires trying to keep themselves warm and beat this sudden chill in the temperatures. Due to great moisture and light winds across the Indo-Gangetic regions, heavy fog is likely to continue across the different states of India. Some of the worst-hit regions are said to be Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh. The IMD official has told that in the next four to five days too such weather shall continue across these regions. Dense fog shall remain especially during the early hours of the morning and at night.

The temperature in the capital had dipped to 4.4 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. It was also the lowest ready of mercury in this season till now. The observatory in Safdarjung also recorded a temperature of 4.4 degrees which was below the normal range by three points. Although no accidents have been reported till now due to this intense weather but, nineteen trains coming towards Delhi were said to have been delayed. The thick layer of fog across the city has made it difficult to visibility from 200 meters. Related to the Covid concerns across different states, the government has requested the people to follow the Covid norms too.