Delhi Lieutenant Governor Targeted By AAP

The target changed. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had been attacking the BJP for its activism to bring down the government unethically. Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena is now the target of AAP. The AAP MLAs decided to stage a Dharna in the assembly hall last night as a protest against him accusing him of khadi corruption worth around 1.5 thousand crore rupees. In response, the BJP has been accused of corruption in education after health and excise. According to them, claims of a paradigm shift in health or education are corruption in those fields.

CM’s call

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal yesterday called for a vote of confidence to prove that the AAP leadership has been able to retain the party despite the BJP’s ‘Operation Kamal’. Speaking in that debate, ruling party MLA Durgesh Pathak alleged that the current Lt. Governor of Delhi was the chairman of the Khadi Rural Commission at the time of demonetization. Saxena tried to whiten around 1400 crores of black money at that time on the occasion of demonetization. The commission’s treasurer Sanjeev Kumar was given the responsibility of that work.

Pathak alleged that he was suspended when he objected to the work. AAP MLAs including Pathak raised the demand for Saxena’s removal in the assembly yesterday citing Sanjeev’s statement given at that time. In Pathak’s words, “CBI filed a case at that time but Saxena’s name was not mentioned in it.” Therefore, the ruling party in Delhi planned a Dharna in the assembly hall overnight to demand the removal of Saxena. According to a section of political analysts, the AAP leadership has taken the strategy of campaigning on corruption against the Lt. Governor, ignoring the various allegations of corruption against the party.

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BJP’s counterattack

In a counter-attack, the BJP is alleging corruption in Delhi’s education. The Kejriwal government claims two positive changes in the last seven years of Delhi rule, namely health and education. This time, the BJP raised allegations of corruption of hundreds of crores of rupees in the education department in the name of school construction. Party spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia alleged, “Delhi government had decided to build 500 new schools. Later on, instead of new schools, more classrooms were decided to be built in existing schools. Necessary changes should have been made in the tender for this and it should have been made public. The government did not do that. As a result, the cost of the government increased by 326 crores. 6133 classrooms were supposed to be built out of the money levied, but 4027 have been built. Which means that 33 percent of the schoolhouses do not exist.” He alleged that even though the Vigilance Commission of the Delhi government submitted a report to the government in the year 2020, it did not see the light of day. According to that section of political analysts, the BJP is desperate to prove that the AAP leadership, which claims to be transparent, has been known for corruption since coming to power, before the Gujarat polls.