Delhi Allowed Bangladesh-Bound Russian Ship To Anchor

India allowed a Russian ship carrying nuclear material for Bangladesh to anchor at Haldia port despite US ban. According to the sources, it is being thought to drop this product at Haldia and deliver it to Bangladesh by road. Russia is exporting this product to Dhaka for the 1200 mega watt nuclear power plant at Rooppur, Pabna. But it is not possible for the Bangladesh administration to bring it down to Pabna due to America’s ban.

According to sources, India is helping Bangladesh to build the nuclear thermal power plant, under the India-Russia Partnership Agreement on Third Country Project Cooperation. All Indian ports are open to Russian ships. India-Russia bilateral trade has grown by nearly 300% in the last one year.

Commissioning of the power plant 

Ship To Anchor
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This power plant in Rooppur is scheduled to be commissioned by the end of 2025. As per the plan, the first unit at Rooppur will be able to generate electricity by 2023, it was reported. The raw material for this project is coming from Russia. The government of Bangladesh has been striking a balance between the world’s major powers for the past few years. But after the war in Ukraine, the pressure has increased a lot. 

Recently, the international community is abuzz with the tweet war between Russia and America over the activities of an American ambassador posted in Bangladesh. In this situation, the way India stood by Bangladesh (and Russia) regardless of America’s ban, is considered significant enough at the diplomatic level.

R. N. Ravi clashed with the DMK government

Governor R. N. Ravi’s conflict with the DMK government in Tamil Nadu took extreme shape yesterday. The ruling DMK alleged that Ravi omitted parts of the governor’s speech in the assembly session. Chief Minister MK Stalin proposed that if the Governor says anything outside of the government’s written statement or omits any part, it will not be recorded in the Assembly. After that the angry governor left the assembly. As per custom, he did not even wait for the national anthem at the end of the session.

The Governor gave the opening speech at the beginning of the session of the Legislative Assembly. The governor read the speech prepared by the government. DMK alleged that Governor Ravi deliberately skipped parts of the speech. While mentioning Swami Vivekananda in the speech, the Governor did not mention the names of leaders like BR Ambedkar, Periyar, Kamaraj. He implied statements like ‘secular’, ‘Tamil Nadu is a paradise of peace’. Not only that, Ravi did not even mention the word ‘Dravidian model’ in the government’s written speech.

The governor was still present in the meeting. It was at that time that the Chief Minister proposed that if the Governor said anything outside of the government’s written statement or omitted any part, it would not be recorded in the Assembly. The angry governor left the meeting. Dravidian politics are heated in this incident. As expected, the BJP has stood by the Governor. The Chief Minister has done a ‘disgraceful’ act by bringing such a proposal in the presence of the Governor.