Deepika Kumari: Indian Archer Sighting the Olympic Medal

The Indian ace archer Deepika Kumari has her eyes on the Olympic medal in Tokyo Olympics. The 27 old ace archer has consistently won three gold medals in the World cup held in Paris.

To be more precise, the girl from Ranchi made a hat trick of three gold medals in woman’s individual teams and the pair events in the world cup at stage 3.

The former Indian archer and the coach of Deepika Kumari: Dola Banerjee strongly believes that Deepika has a high chance of winning a medal in the Olympics, which will be held in Tokyo.

If she manages to win a medal in the Olympics, Deepika would be the first Indian archer to win a medal in the Olympics.

The mentor Dola also stated that Deepika is in superb form for the last few months and continues to grow at a tremendous speed.

The statement by Dola continued as they both have participated together in many events and tournaments representing their nation.

She spoke it with confidence in her voice, and also stated that participating in Olympics with a three gold medal streak behind her will boost Deepika’s confidence and affect her performance positively.

Indian Archer

Indian Archer

The mentor also gave a few statements on Deepika’s losses in previous games such as, in London and Rio, where she lost against the Chinese archer and Denmark in women’s team events.

The mentor stated that the games were far in the old times, and Deepika wasn’t as mature as she is now. It was stated that she was young and had pressures that a young athlete usually faces.

But she has moved on from these pressures and has matured quite a bit now. It was stated that she not the old Deepika anymore and knows how to handle pressure now.

She can play under pressure and face it with a smile and without any fear. Her experience from playing the last two Olympics has helped her grow into a wonderful archer blooming with confidence.

The mentor Dola Banerjee also thinks that Deepika is among one of the top contenders to win a medal in the Olympics and has full confidence in her skills.