Cylinder Limit 2 Per Month, 15 Per Year

Oil companies have been complaining for a long time that cooking gas cylinders (14.2 kg) allocated for household consumption are illegally used for commercial purposes. Fingers mainly towards hotels, restaurants, small eateries, autos, etc. To prevent this abuse, the center has fixed the initial limit of 15 per year and a maximum of two 14.2 kg cylinders per month for a common customer on a connection basis.

According to a section of concerned circles, families with more members may face problems. However, according to oil companies and distributors, there is no such danger. According to the new rules, if someone uses more than 15 cylinders in a year, they will have to apply separately. The subsidy, if at all, will be available in twelve. Indane, Bharat Gas, and HP Gas – three companies have introduced new rules.

Current prices of cylinders

Currently, a commercial cylinder (19 kg) is approximately Rs.1995.50. A typical customer buys a 14.2 kg cylinder for rupees 1079. Oil companies claim that this price difference is the reason for rigging.

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According to sources in the oil company, the customers of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana also have an upper limit of 15 cylinders per year. They get a subsidy at the price of twelve. The amount of which has recently been increased to rupees 200. However, the government has practically cut off the subsidy for ordinary customers. In most places it is nil, in some places it is nominal. For example, it is now Rs 19.58 in most states.

It is not clear what will happen if someone needs more than two cylinders a month, according to the agency’s sources on Wednesday. However, if it takes more than 15 a year, an application should be made to the distributor with a ration card or any other document (which contains the details of the family) showing the reason. The distributor will check it. According to the sources, if desired, the oil companies can also examine the application on-site.

Organizations claim that if this limit is not set, household allocation is being used as a commercial cylinder on the way, which is illegal. The financial burden of oil companies has also increased due to high crude oil prices. Hence this initiative to prevent misuse and wastage. Bijanbehari Biswas, vice president of All India LPG Distributors Federation, said they support the move. But according to them, 60% of customers do not need more than six cylinders in a year. 32 percent take nine. This limit was already there in Ujjwala. According to him, there is a need to further reduce the limit.

Rules and Claims

• A household customer cannot purchase more than 15 cooking gas cylinders in a year.

• A maximum of two can be purchased in a month. 

• If someone needs more than 15 in a year, they need to apply for additional gas stating the reason, number of family members, etc. However, it is not clear what will happen if it takes more than two months.