CSIR Scientists at Ram Mandir

The ‘Council of Scientific and Industrial Research’ (CSIR) was established in 1942 to practice science in the country. A section of the country was shocked by the social media post about the Ram Mandir by the Hen Institution. In addition to the attack of the opposition, ordinary people have raised the question, is this the work of this science-temple running on public money?

Tweet from CSIR 

CSIR tweeted yesterday that they have analyzed how the first rays of the sun will fall on Ramlala’s head in the newly constructed Ram Temple in Ayodhya on Ramnavami 2024. The council also said that the CSIR-CBRI team of scientists has explained the matter to the temple authorities.

Ram Mandir
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Various government departments including the Prime Minister’s Office have been tagged in this CSIR post. The names of the country’s Geology Minister Jitendra Singh, CSIR-Central Electro Chemical Research Institute Director N Kalaiselvi and many others have been mentioned. The video footage from a TV channel also showed the team of scientists talking to the trustees of the temple. On the day of Ramnavami in 2024, the first rays of the sun will fall on Ramlala’s head, they are explaining the fact.

CSIR was established in 1942 as an autonomous institution. It aims to work on diverse subjects such as aerospace engineering, structural engineering, ocean sciences, life sciences, health practices, metallurgy, chemistry, mining, food, petroleum, and environmental sciences. Although it is an autonomous institution, it is under the Ministry of Science and Technology of the country. Some notable studies have been done under CSIRO in the past. But the council’s last tweet has sparked controversy.

The question arises, what kind of scientific practice does this fall into? Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Maitra tweeted that one of her friends is a CSIR scientist. He told the leader that he felt ‘ashamed’ to be part of the Indian scientific community after the temple visit incident. Mahua also wrote, “CSIR is one of the institutions run on people’s money. Our tax money is being used like this.”

The Prime Minister will distribute appointment letters 

From Gujarat to Himachal, the opposition is using rising unemployment in the country as its main weapon against Narendra Modi. In response, once again the Prime Minister is going to personally hand out appointment letters for government jobs.

Until now, government job recruitment letters were sent to the hands of those who passed the job examination only through the post. A month ago, the Prime Minister distributed 75,000 appointment letters in a formal ceremony. On Tuesday i.e., today, he will again distribute 71 thousand government job recruitment letters. The Prime Minister himself will address the event through video conference. Besides, ‘Rozgar Mela’ will be organized in 45 places in the country and the recruitment letters will be handed out. Various ministers of the Modi government will be present there.

To the opposition’s sarcasm, the Prime Minister himself now has to do the work of handing out employment letters before the Gujarat polls. He said, there will be 2 crore jobs in a year.