Controversy Over The Proposal Of Population Control Law Again

The controversy was again created around the introduction of the Population Control Act. Although the agenda of the Rajya Sabha yesterday included a motion in favour of introducing the Population Control Act, the motion was not finally tabled in the House as the proposer, BJP MP Harnath Singh Yadav himself was absent. However, yesterday’s proposal sparked a new controversy. According to the opposition, the BJP leadership has adopted a strategy of increasing pressure by continuously raising the tone on this issue.

Rakesh Sinha, an MP close to the BJP, brought the Population Control Bill to the Rajya Sabha as a private member’s bill last May. Rakesh later withdrew the bill after Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia intervened. He argued that the birth rate in India is very much under control. Therefore, the government is not thinking of bringing a new law.

While the government made its stance clear, a motion to bring in a population control law was tabled in the private members’ agenda of the Rajya Sabha yesterday. The motion brought by BJP-affiliated parliamentarian Harnath Yadav said the unprecedented population explosion in the country in the last few decades has created a dire situation, where there has been inequality in terms of available resources and development, and services.

Genuine problems

Even after 70 years of independence, India is yet to succeed in providing clean drinking water, health services, food, shelter, jobs, and electricity. Because the root cause of the problem is the ever-increasing population. Therefore, the Rajya Sabha should advise the government to bring a strict and uniform population law to prevent this massive increase in population to solve the problem of overpopulation.

After two o’clock yesterday, the discussion on the private member’s bill began. Harnath’s proposal was at the very top of the list. BJD Sangsad Amar Patnaik, opposing the proposal by bringing a point of order, said that Rajya Sabha rules say that no proposal can be brought a second time on the same issue within one year of bringing a proposal. In this case, Rakesh Sinha brought that proposal in May.

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Although correcting the BJD Sangsad, RJD Sangsad Manoj Jha said that the one that came before that was the Private Member’s Bill. Another proposal. There is a difference between the two. Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar intervened and said that all the statements of the Parliament were taken note of. After that, when he ordered Harnath to present the proposal, he was absent. As a result, the matter stops there.

More guards to prevent overcrowding at the airport

The Center had decided to deploy around 1,400 paramilitary forces on the 15th to deal with the Delhi airport crowd. Yesterday, Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said that five more X-ray machines have been installed at Delhi Airport in the last nine days to deal with the crowd. As a result, eighteen X-ray machines, through which scanning of handbags can be started at the Delhi airport at the moment, have been made possible.