Concerns Have Been Raised by Record Price Rises in Britain

Concerns about the world economy are not left behind. Especially the clouds of fear are gathering around the European region. The top bank said again on Wednesday that this continent may fall into recession. And on this day, Britain said that the price increase in October reached 11.1 percent. Which is the highest in 41 years. It was 10.7% in September. This statistic increases the fear even more.

Not only in Britain but also in Europe, experts believe that the price increase will increase the pressure in India. According to them, although the rate of retail price increase in the country has decreased, it is above the tolerance limit of the Reserve Bank (6.77%). As a result, the apex bank may raise interest rates again in the next credit policy. In that case, the pressure will increase on the economy which is starting to recover from the shock of Corona.

Statement from the Modi government 

Price Rises
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The Modi government, however, says that price increases in countries like the US are much higher than in India. Dismissing this claim, the opposition Congress cannon on Wednesday said that America’s purchasing power is 15 times higher than that of India. There has been an increase in prices due to handing over money to people during the Corona period. And incomes in India have fallen. At the time of the reversal, the Center raised Rs 27 lakh crore by increasing the duty on oil.

After Corona, Europe is struggling to deal with the shock of the Russia-Ukraine war. They import daily use products like wheat and oil from those two countries. Russia has already cut gas and crude oil supplies to Europe. As a result, the prices of oil, food, and other essential products are increasing. People are cutting costs in other sectors. Statistics show that in the 19 countries in Europe that use the euro as their currency, the price increase reached 10.7 percent in October.

BSNL’s 4G will reach 24,680 villages

While rival private telecom companies are on the way to bringing 5G services to the country’s market, the state-owned BSNL’s 4G launch date has not cleared the fog. In this regard, customer dissatisfaction has also increased. Among them, the Department of Telecom (DoT) said that more than 24,000 villages without telecom service will get BSNL’s 4G service. The target will be met by December next year.

Three months ago, the Union Cabinet decided to provide 4G services through BSNL to villages without telecom services. CMD PK Purwar of the state-owned telco has written to the Chief General Managers of all circles to complete the site survey work by August 25 after initial preparations. In that case, special funds for this industry should be used. An average space of 200 square meters will be required to build the infrastructure.

DOT claims that several projects have been undertaken to provide telecom infrastructure and connectivity in areas where the population of tribal is high. BSNL to launch 4G service in 24,680 villages.