Cannes Winner Payal Kapadia Emphasizes Unique Cinematic Vocabulary

There is a lot of buzz going around the Cannes winner Payal Kapadia. She is the first Indian who has been able to win the prestigious award. Her movie “All We Imagine as Light” won the prestigious award of Cannes Grand Prix.

In one of the recent interactions, see talked about the film industry and approach towards field making. First of all, she praised her institute FTII, which is situated in Pune. She said that her success belongs to the institute, and she has been able to become successful because of her education at that place. She said that during her college days, she was able to watch movies from divorce culture. That gave her the confidence and the exposure to making movies.

The movie is a Malayalam and Hindi movie. In spite of being lingual, the movie has been able to depict her thoughts in a clear manner to the prestigious jury of Europe’s second biggest film gala.

Payal Kapadia

She also praised her team members who helped her in making the movie. She also pointed out that sound is one of the most important aspects of her film. In relation to that, she claimed that it was really difficult for the sound team to capture the feeling of Mumbai for the film.

She further said that Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. There is always some kind of sound in one corner of the city. So, it was a challenge for the sound team to capture the sound. However, they were able to produce the desired results for the audience to experience.

She also claimed that Indian Cinema has a vocabulary of its own. The movies which are being made in India have a unique flavor. She also said that it is important to know that the Indian film industry is evolving with time. The movies in Bollywood are also changing. However, in Kerala, there is wide acceptance of every kind of movie. Even the art-related movie is given some distribution in Kerela, which is not possible in the rest of the country. She even heaped praise on the Malayalam film industry for being acceptable towards every kind of movie.

She also divulged that it was a great experience for her to work with different kinds of people from different corners of the world. For example, the sound department was under the control of Benjamin Sylvestre from France.

As a matter of fact,  she has been one of the regular participants in the Cannes Film Festival. Her movie titled “A Night of Knowing Nothing” was filmed at the festival in 2021 under the Director’s Fortnite section. One of her short films, “Afternoon Clouds”, was also opened at the Gala in 2017 under the category of Cinefondation.