Cancer Survivors Reveal Details And Symptoms About It

According to an article published in The Times Of India, Cancer has always been one of the most common and deadliest diseases around the world. It is a silent killer and what makes it worse is that the symptoms of it remain hidden for a long time. The cells keep growing inside the body at a fast pace and by the time it gets detected, a lot of damage has already been caused. Here some of the survivors have spoken about their experiences before they began their diagnosis. They have even shared if it happens all at once or in various phases.

Cancer Survivors

The Cancer Survivors Speak

  1. Paul Lewis shares that he had bowel cancer of stage IV. The signs that he got initially were bleeding from t rectum and frequent changes in his bowel habits. He even felt fatigued often. He says that his symptoms were very slow to show up on the surface as they kept building inside gradually. He also experienced elements in phases of waves. According to him sometimes the symptoms can be sudden and sometimes it comes in a wave and then stops until it happens again. He says that if you sense any doubt about your health, you must get it checked soon.
  2. In the case of Melissa Niv, she had gained weight before being diagnosed with cancer in her ovaries, cervix, vascular system of lymph, and on lymph nodes too. She kept gaining weight at faster intervals. After that, she experienced excessive bleeding. And this loss of blood would make her pass out often.
  3. WJR Halyn suddenly woke up one morning in 2017 having a feeling that water had entered her right ear although she has not gone swimming. After the persistence of it for the next couple of weeks she took medical attention. Neither the prescribed nasal spray nor the pills worked.  Two months after that she was diagnosed with cancer that occurred at the back of the nose and above the throat.
  4. For Clemencia Narajo, it was stage IV of a rare cancer of the lungs. She never felt any discomfort until two weeks before her diagnosis. She felt a dry cough and was exasperated while exercising one day. The doctor gave her antibiotics but they failed to cure her. Later an X-ray confirmed that she had lung cancer.
  5. Another cancer survivor Gary Larson shares that during his case too, the symptoms were slow. He experienced pain, loss of weight, numbness, and shortness of breath too. much later cancer was detected in his lung.

Medical experts say that the signs are sometimes too aggressive and sometimes it is subtle. It is very important that you get the necessary medical attention as soon as you face any discomfort in your health. It is also very important to screen your body always. Any change that you notice no matter how big or small it be, immediate consultation with a medical practitioner is a must. Even signs such as weakness or shortness of breath regularly, must not be ignored too.