Can We Really Avoid or Prevent the 3rd Covid-19 Wave?

As the Covid-19 cases are going down and the vaccination rate going up, people have started showing optimism on preventing the 3rd Covid-19 wave. The much-feared pandemic is now bringing up hopes for a more controlled 3rd-wave dynamics.

While for some others, the Delta Plus variant of Covid-19 is becoming a matter of concern as well. They have started looking for some accurate ways of mitigating the third wave altogether. Maybe that might be possible if people follow preventative steps learned from dealing with the past two waves?

At this time, India is still in a phase of overcoming the horrors of the second wave. While Maharashtra has been warned to take precautions for the third wave already. However, wide-coverage vaccination camps and strict precautionary measures are the only way to escape the horror of the third wave. The best way to escape the excessive and negative impact is to follow appropriate safety measures to prevent things from escalating like before.

Our daily work, socializing, schools, businesses, and economy can no longer stay put. Vaccination and responsible citizens who follow the government guidelines honestly are the only way out. 

As per the government, now is the best time to get yourself vaccinated. It is the only way to prevent the 3rd wave from overpowering the nation and its economy once again.

Although India is still facing some constraints when it comes to vaccination supply, a well-targeted vaccination strategy is the need of the moment. The better use of the existing vaccination supply can relatively improve the Covid-19 status of the country.

Taming the virus from strengthening its ground should be the key focus of the vaccination program right now. Targeting the high-risk groups will make a sound choice. 

The potential super-spreaders need to be caught well in time. They should be given priority and vaccinated before everyone else. Such restricted target vaccination strategies will make a huge difference. Economic activities can be resumed without fear and it will also reduce the stress of the vulnerable Indians. 

So yes, the third wave can be avoided.