By The End Of This Month, The New Building Of The Parliament Is Expected To Be Ready

According to a report published in The Times Of India, the new building of the Indian Parliament in New Delhi is going through the final phase of its preparations. Reports state that by the month’s end, it has all the probabilities of getting ready. It is also being said that the next budget session shall be hosted in this new building. The officials have cleared the air and have said that it has not been decided yet if the entire session or one part of the budget session shall take place in the new building.

It is to be noted that the new triangular building of the Parliament has been undertaken by Tata Projects. Although the initial bid was for rupees eight hundred and sixty-two crore, but now, the budget has got little exceed by twelve hundred crores.

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The sources say that before the finance minister presents the budget for 2023-2024, The president will at least address both the houses the Lok and the Rajya Sabha in the new building of the Parliament. This time, the all-new Lok Sabha shall be having the capacity of hosting the members belonging to both houses when the joint sitting takes place. The news desk of TOI has got the information that the senior officials belonging to the ministry have given a brief to the office of the Prime Minister, on Monday about the progress on the work.

Talking with the reporters, a senior member of the officials has said that it is expected that the work on the new building of the Parliament shall get done by this month’s end. The finishing work has been going on at a very rapid pace and things look very good indeed. It is also been said that the secretaries of both the Lok and the Rajya Sabha are going to undertake all the needed drills before the Parliament becomes completely functional. Post that there might be a continuance of a few minor works in the Parliament. But it is expected that it would not disturb the proceedings in the chambers of the Parliament.

The official has also told the reporters that looking at the complexity and volume of the project, the deadline given for the completion has been too short. The work has been going on at full pace and dedication. Reports from the sources have it that the launch of the new building of the Parliament is expected to be a grand one. This new building of the Parliament is being made for the first time since Independence. It is also going to mark the end of another colonial symbol because the current building of the Parliament was created by the British. Kit was called the Council House. It used to host the Legislative Council of the Imperial previously during colonial rule. 

The current Prime Minister of India laid its foundation stone way back in December 2020. The work of construction started in January last year and was slated to be completed by the month of November last year. But the task has been a mammoth one and so it took a little more time than it was expected. 

The ministry of culture has also given funds towards the artwork of the new building of the Parliament. Along with the government, an oversight committee has also been formed so that it could handle all the extra costs that are required in the project.