BJP’s Sarcasm On Leftists Supporting Mamata Banerjee

Opposition parties including Congress, CPM and CPI have participated in the meeting convened by Mamata Banerjee in Delhi ahead of the presidential election. On the occasion of that meeting, this time the Bengal BJP counterattacked the Trinamool Congress, the CPM and the Congress who previously countered the allegation of ‘friendship in Delhi, wrestling in Bengal’. They claim that even if the CPM or the Congress shows pictures of the movement against the Trinamool in Bengal, they are ‘friends’ behind the scenes! The BJP is the main and only opposition party in the state for the Trinamool. The CPM and Trinamool, however, are trying to thwart the BJP’s demand by looking at the issue in the context of national politics.

After the Congress and CPM attended a meeting convened by the Trinamool leader in Delhi, state opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari tweeted a caricature in this regard. It has been said there, ‘Didi used to say, Jagai, Madhai and Bidai are three brothers. Behind the scenes, they join hands and conspire against Trinamool. Now Didi herself will contest the presidential election in alliance with the Left and the Congress! If the people of Bengal say wrestling in Bengal, friendship in Delhi, what will she answer them?’ Suvendu has retaliated by pointing out that Mamata has at various times been vocal in her allegations of collusion between the BJP, the CPM and the Congress. BJP legislators like Agnimitra Paul also say, “Left leaders have no objection to sitting next to Mamata in Delhi, having tea. Corrupt parties are united in the name of anti-BJP!”

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The BJP’s defeat in the by-elections or by-polls has continued since the last assembly elections in the state. The problems of the Saffron camp have been exacerbated by internal disputes within the party. On the contrary, the Left has reclaimed many lands that is very eye-catching in the realms of the opposition in the state. They are also far ahead of the BJP in the street movement. According to a section of the political camp, it is in this context that the BJP is trying to restore ‘credibility’ in state politics by showing the opposition meeting for the presidential election.

Statement from Left leader

“The context is important. When the question is to save the country’s sovereignty, constitution, economy, foreign policy, the decision has to go beyond party politics. Mamata Banerjee is doing that. Those who are accustomed to party politics in all respects, they can’t consider the situation like this!” said Tapas Roy, a leader of Trinamool in opposition to BJP’s accusation. According to CPM central committee’s member Sujan Chakraborty, “the biggest threat to the country is the BJP and all the secular, democratic forces are against it. We have therefore called for unity in the presidential election. There are meetings in that context. Just as the Trinamool conflicts with us in Bengal, so does the Congress’ relationship with the CPM in Kerala. But from a national perspective, one cannot always look at the equation of state politics. “